Speaker compairson?

Hi all,
I own, and love, a pair of Jmlab MicroUtopias, but I'm considering a trade for a pair of Talon Falcon C's. I am driving my speakers with a KR Audio Antares VA300 putting out 18 beefy watts per channel. The Micro's are by far the best sounding speakers I've ever had in my home system and I'm leery of giving them up, but the Falcon's seem appealing in that they are still monitors, albeit a bit larger, but they are spec'd to go down to 19hz versus 50hz for the Micro's. Now to me that 50hz figure is actually quite a bit lower in my room, I don't really miss any bass, but the idea of speakers that will give me truly full-range bass from a monitor sized enclosure is really appealing. Now obviously I don't want to lose the fabulous midrange and sparkling high frequencies that I have now, so I'm just wodering if anyone out there has compared these two speakers which retail for the same $5K price point. The rest of my system is comprised of a Tube Technology Fusion CD64 cd player, a Herron VTSP1A preamp, Nordost Red Dawn IC's and MIT MH-750 speaker cables. Your advice is much appreciated, especially since an audition of the Talon's would be impossible as they are in Toronto and I'm in DC.

Without having heard either speaker that you are comparing, I don't quite understand why you would give up speakers that ... (the Micro's) are by far the best sounding speakers I've ever had in my home system. All the rationalizations nothwithstanding ... this is still a hobby about emotions and how the music makes you feel.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Regards, Rich
I would no doubt find a way to audition it no matter what feedback you get. Simply because the MicroUtopia's are such great speakers. I haven't heard much of the Talons. I'd like to know how in the world they get down to 19hz with such a small box. I question the quality of the bass when a lot of floor standers don't even go that low.

Try to get a home demo of a good subwoofer (or pair thereof). The sub-monitor combo can sound very very good.
There are specs and there is spec-man-ship...
Talon reports the bandwidth only, that is to say in the range specified there is output. The question is, how much?

Spec'ing bandwidth is not the same as a frequency reponse range that includes output deviation over the range. The only way to really know is to look at a graph of freq versus output. Does Talon publish that?