A casual acquaintance, a real New York City eccentric, a guy who didn't throw out a newspaper or a beer bottle for over a decade and who's apartment became a public health hazard which resulted in his landlord issuing an ultimatum to clean up or get out had a Sony 19 inch vintage late 1970's tv set left on for eleven years finally break down!

He then called the guy (my friend) who sold it to him many years ago and complained! He then brought it to a local repair shop and left it there for three years. When he went to claim it, he was enraged that they sold it off in a unclaimed goods sale a year earlier!

I swear this is all true. There are alot more stories I could tell but this is an audio/video site. He'd make a great screenplay!
I had my 17 inch Trinitron finally give up the ghost 2 years ago. I bought it in early 1978. It had the mechanical tuner where the channel selector needed to be switched to the desired station. Everyone ragged at me to get a TV with a remote.
had a Sony 19 inch vintage late 1970's tv set left on for eleven years finally break down!

Left on all the time? Even when he slept? Weird.

Similarly, a buddy of mine who works a business out of a basement office in his home had an XBR running continuously down there for 10+ years after a lightening strike wounded the set so that it needed a long warm-up to stabilize the picture. So he just left it on and grew to like the idea of seeing how long it would last. Though well-healed he was stingy and too lazy to replace it as the picture gradually bled out. His views on the matter were consistent with his 1960's hey day rooming with college buddies on the seven-year plan at Ann Arbor. They all chipped in to buy a used console TV and together carried the big heavy thing into their shared living room. When it died they were too lazy to carry it out, so they bought another TV and set it on top of the first one. And when the second one died, they continued the process to three levels with a small B&W set.

As a testament to plus ca change plus ca meme chose, he finally had the XBR hauled away by the home theater company that replaced it with a 50" Pioneer Elite plasma. Now impressed as hell with the picture his old buddies are back & his wife can't rid of the stink of bong water & beer farts on game day.
I have a Sony Trinitron 15-inch set that I bought in 1976, when I started my first job. It's still working fine; my kids watch it in our book room when they're eating. (They generally don't like what we're watching on the kitchen set.) The Sony needed some power supply work about ten years ago, probably a capacitor if I recall. Otherwise, it still looks great. They don't make'em like they used to in the good old days, huh?
I just dumped my 19" Trinitron from about 1975. For the past year or so, sometimes it would come on, sometimes it wouldn't. When it did, the picture was still great. Then it wouldn't come on for months, then work for a month or two. Finally, gave up the ghost.
Sounds like typical behavior for a NYC feller.
Burrrrrrump BA!

Thank you, thank you very much, I'll be here all week.
My wife and I bought our first TV together right after marriage in 1980. It was a Sony 15" Trinitron with remote. It cost $700, WOW, You can buy a 32" LCD today for that.
It still works fine. It is in my shop where my employees watch it at lunchtime.
My mom still has the 19" we brought for the '80 Winter Olympics still going as her main TV. The tube has lost some color but when I think about that I watched the Mircle on Ice on it I get sentimental and don't say anything to her about it.
I have a 19" Sony Trinitron purchsed new in 1972 that still works perfectly. The only way I could rationalize replacing it is that "its too small.......yeah..........that's the ticket........" I've still got it and it might last another 35 years - just not sure if I will..............
I have a 36" Mitsubishi TV which I bought in 1987 when they first came out and it has always performed flawlessly and never had a down day. I am finally going to replace it with a new 52" Sharp Aquous HD LCD TV which I hope lasts as long. (I am giving my Mitsubishi away to friend only because at about 300 lbs its too big and bulky to haul upstairs.)
Yes Sony TVs were the only way to go.$400 For a 19" when today you can get a 45" on Sale for the same