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Time to move UP, speaker-wise...
Is there anywhere you can audition Golden Ear speakers? IMHO, they outshine many more expensive speakers. In any case, you really should listen before you buy. 
Looking for a good solution to cover my TV between the speakers. Cant move it
I bought a black bed comforter (at Bed, Bath, & Beyond) that I drape over my 73”. Since it is a few inches bigger than the TV, I fold the excess on the side and at the top behind the set in the top corner and use a plastic clamp to secure the ... 
Favorite cover?
Absolutely Hendrix on Watchtower! Agreed roberjerman. 
Turntable leveling
Cross check level at Home Depot $3.96VPI cross check level at Music Direct $10.00 
Seeking Streaming Receiver Recommendations
I recently recommended the Bluesound Powernode to my friend for his Spica TC-60 speakers. He’s very happy with it. Radio stations can be streamed along with the usual streaming services. A nice and compact one-box solution. 
Your favourite music movie?
Stop Making Sense - Jonathan Demme directed the film of this concert by Talking Heads in 1984. Truly wonderful. 
Any steel 14” to 16” speaker stands out there?
Stop looking and call Sound Anchors, as bondmanp suggested. Nothing compares to their product. They will make the stands to your specifications. I have purchased custom amp stands directly from Sound Anchors on a couple of occasions and have one o... 
What's Your Fantasy Supergroup?
Alex Korner and everyone who ever played with him.  
What is the most memorable concert that you had attended so far?
That is one killer line-up, reubent! Wish I could’ve been there. 
What is the most memorable concert that you had attended so far?
On the plus side, Rolling Stones & Stevie Wonder at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, 1972. Mick & Stevie encore together on Satisfaction & Uptight.On the minus side, David Bowie & Stereophonics at the Knight Center in Miami, 2004. Sta... 
Upgrading preamp and phono
You might want to consider Aesthetix. The Calypso and Rhea are pure tube. I have the Janus, which is a complete pre-amp (line & phono). I’m very pleased with it after using older VTL 5.5 pre and also older ARC PH-3 phono. I liked all, but the ... 
Personal vs. Market Values
There is no truffle in truffle oil. It is artificially produced to resemble the taste of truffles. If you’ve ever tasted real truffles, especially white truffle, you have tasted something heavenly . . . and expensive! $6,000/lb++ 
Dear Audiogon,
Websites don’t necessarily control the ads that show up. There’s usually a service (like Google or Doubleclick) they sign up with that distributes the ads. 
Converting Mark Levinson 331's to monoblocks
Mark Levinson used to make a bridge kit precisely for this purpose. I think it used to sell for around $400, but it may have required professional installation. So, it makes sense, but not necessarily be practical based on the cost. And I don’t kn... 
I found Acoustic Research to be decent for a low-price cable. At that price level, I would be looking at something that is well constructed, which the AR are.