Sony introduced headphones made from plastic bottles

Sony has announced the launch of the LinkBuds S wireless noise-canceling headphones in a new colorway made using recycled materials from plastic bottles. 


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JFC it's not woke it's smart and good for the environment what's wrong with that exactly?


Do it and shut up.  It’s about look at us..we are so wonderful.

Just how many bottles do they use to make this product?  And I hate the carbon credit, holier than thou politics/marketing.

@vonhelmholtz Um do what exactly? Marketing can indeed suck but actually doing things to help the environment is  critically important. And there's an ocean of plastic out there pun intended.


So you think this is doing something for the environment. I guess they have already grounded their corporate jets and making products out of minute volumes of plastic was all they could do.

I don’t question your sincerity, I question Sony’s.

Wonder if there will be a future blurb (by an online influencer) in regard to plastic bottles being made from recycled headphones?



@carlsbad @vonhelmholtz Whatever their motivation, and I’m not exactly a Sony fan, what’s the harm of putting recycled bottles into earbuds rather than a landfill? I’ve got shoes that were also made from recycled plastic and have served me very well for years rather than adding to a landfill. What’s the problem here? Would you rather have this plastic in a landfill? Does that sound better to you? If so, why? I’d love to know why that’s a better outcome to you.


Nothing wrong with them doing this. I have issues with corporations and in some cases individuals promoting their degree of righteousness. Regarding climate, this has taken on the appearance of a secular religion and the mass suppression of those of differing views follows. Labeling someone a climate denier is the modern version of calling someone a heathen and violence then follows. Nobody wants plastic in water and food, nor contaminated air, nor lithium contaminated soil, but please act properly and stop grandstanding. I’m not directing this request of those posting here.  I’ll stipulate that Sony is environmentally righteous. Sorry, I just escaped from the intolerant state of California and have issues with using these topics for self promotion.

I have issues with corporations and in some cases individuals promoting their degree of righteousness.

@vonhelmholtz Not sure I understand why you view this as self righteousness.  If they don’t tell us the buds are made of recycled plastic, how else are we to know?  Is there a way they could tell us this without being self righteous?


Why must you know?

Many products are recycled.

Every time you buy a car, you buy recycled.

A manufacturer can and some do use recycle symbols on products.


Why must you know?

@vonhelmholtz Why not know?  What’s the harm?  Does it hurt you in some way to know that these are made from recycled plastic?


We disagree, but I appreciate the discussion and suspect that I’m the odd duck out.  Enjoy your weekend as well as everyone here.  Back to the music.

@vonhelmholtz No prob whatsoever, and I think it’s perfectly fine we disagree.  How boring would the world be if we all thought alike, and I always welcome hearing a different opinion or viewpoint because that’s how I learn.  And, by the way, we’re all odd ducks, but at least you and I get to appreciate music played through good equipment, which I think makes us happier odd ducks than the average duck.  Cheers. 

@vonhelmholtz BTW, on a separate note, I’m very jealous of your Aurender N20.  Congrats on an excellent acquisition!