This following idea/concept was deleted in a previous recent thread, but I thought that it might be fun to follow up with it.

Hardly a new concept, but with computers and the Internet it's easy enough for most to try their hand @ it.

My previous post linked  these 2 YouTube videos with the instructions to hit PLAY on both videos and then listen to the combined results.

Listen to the result of the two videos I've linked and then decide if you want to play.  









@waytoomuchstuff ....and doesn't have to be totally intelligible either... 👍

The line after "....tell you Mona, what I wanna do..." has given rise to more obscene (some physically unlikely, but...) variants in those altered states than one can shake a rehab contract at....
....but I'm digressing as per usual....

"....but I don't know what you mean, @waytoomuchstuff ....Aren't ALL the posts on A'gon 'interesting' and compelling?"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>= blatant suck up=<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                                                 ;) 🙄

Yeah, @dekay ....A pleasant deviancy diversion from the hardware wars....*S*

Of course, being off-course and off-topic draws a certain level of ire from some, but in the long run or shorter....

Aren't we supposed to be having 'Fun'?

Granted, anytime a loose collective of 'umans is drawn like moths, there will be the dust-ups', misinterprets, and the rest of the range of big-horn brain bumps seen within these 'lectric lairs.....

Backing into the blatant....

"My styli is Bigger than Your styli....😝🥴"....and multi-page PC, IC, SpkrC, ' sig other tripped on my speaker cables and broke both wrists. Should I help her with her bathroom activities?' purge-atory posts....

...and some twit like yours unruly will flac back

"Divorce?  Put her in The Home for an undisclosed interval?"

If y'all couldn't put up with the unlike of moi'....*sigh* to another desolation on the row, yo'

If I be troll....I aspire to be a Good Troll, optimistic cynic tho' I be....


"Aren't ALL the posts on A'gon 'interesting' and compelling?""

I tend to stay clear of generalized statements, but I can't disagree with your "logic" here.