Schiit offering LISST "tubes" for SAGA & FREYA pre-amps

LISST = linear integrated solid state tube.

$50 each if ordered independent of SAGA or FREYA.  

$40 each if ordered with a pre-amp.

Schiit also offering new production TungSols as an alternative to the standard Russian NOS 6SN7s.

Thanks to Synergist969 on  for the heads up about this.  

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I had the Freya in my system with 4 different sets of tubes, and i was getting a lot of noise and hum in "tube mode". I was able to get most of the hum out, but i would still get random static and noise. Z reviews on youtube did a review of the Freya, and he talked about the feedback through the tubes. He came across as this being a positive feature that gave it the "tube sound". 
I will put these on my radar for my Freya.Curious how it would be to mix a pair of Liists and a Pair of Tubes in the output and gain stages..Liist in the gain and Tubes in the output..also the other way around?Or,where would ya'll try a pair of Liists out first?Gain or Output?
Yeah I'm curious about this also. My buddy says the front tubes are more important. Anyone else know?
I had 2 matched new Tung Sol 6SN7GTBs already when I received the Freya, so I ordered 2 more and stuck ’em all in. There is amazingly low noise from the tube stage in the Freya in my rig (surprising since I read most of the 10,418 comments in "headfi"), and that’s with testing for that by putting my ear next to a horn loaded tweeter that certainly will reveal hiss. I didn’t think the stock Freya tubes were so bad particularly, but I swapped them anyway because I’m a mindless crowd follower. I often swap output modes around when listening, although the gain jump in tube mode has to be allowed for, and that, for me, keeps the tubes honest (or something). I would get the Lisst tube replacement things if they glowed, but I doubt they glow at all under normal circumstances…and they would die in a thermonuclear electromagnetic pulse, so there’s that.
6SN7 tubes are relatively affordable NOS and very rugged and longlived, new production Tung Sol is decidedly ordinary to my ears. Pick some good RCA's or Sylvanias up you will be much better off. I was curious about what the heck a LISST actually is but the shiit site doesn't seem to give any info or I couldn't find it.
Scott thanks I read that I guess I just don't get why and how they actually work.  If anyone checks them out please post some impressions.
Ordered a quad of LISSTs.  Posted comments over on HeadFi (the Freya Impressions and Tube Rolling Thread).

@ghosthouse Thanks and you initial comments are interesting I hope to hear more, particularly if it starts sounding more like SS than tubes. Cheers!
A large part of why I like tubes is that they're tubes…linear, they glow, and I can swap 'em out. I agree that the newish Tung Sol 6SN7s aren't spectacular sounding, but I tried them anyway and they do work fine and very quietly (they seem modeled after RCA 5691s maybe…those little anti microphony rods?), and I prefer a clean sounding tube without any sonic signature per se…I have 2 (one spare) Amperex USA 6SN7GTBs for my Fire Bottle SE power amp and they're excellent, but hard to find.
To anyone interested...

The LISSTs are on their way back to Schiit.  During the second day of use they started producing noise in the right channel.  No signal being applied and Freya in mute mode.  Something getting through that shouldn't have.  Sounded like a short and, actually, a lot like a conventional tube going bad.  Shut things down.  Pulled the LISSTs.  Installed a quad of conventional glass tubes.  Powered back up.  Everything damage done.  Given the long expected service life of 6SN7s in Freya and their affordability, I personally don't see an advantage to LISST.  Maybe if they ran cool...but they don't.  
Although I like sound of the new Tung Sols in the Freya, I got curious and stuck a pair of NOS Sylvania "Chrome Dome" 6SN7GTBs in the "input" (right pair) sockets and man…they sort of lift it up to another sonic level altogether. A relatively inexpensive (for well regarded NOS tubes anyway) good thing. I'm keeping the Tung Sols in the "output" sockets. 
"Schiit also offering new production TungSols as an alternative to the standard Russian NOS 6SN7s"

Thought that the new production TungSols are Russian.

Right side...or as the Firesign Theater said, "put the balls on the other side, they work better that way."