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Speaker Questions
You should also check out the Jamo line at Crutchfield.My budget minded buddy bought a pair and they do not sound bad..He bought the C95II Series .they also offer those in White.He also bought 2 of the Subwoofers and a Yamaha Receiver..Crutchfield... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Thought he was buying Made In Denmark,got Made In China return them and get the Denmark made Model IF it is still available.I am sure the price paid was for the Denmark Model.Resale will be impacted.If a discount is offered then maybe keep them?  
Was my friend given misinformation.
He will most likely be very happy and ,With that Denon,he can add some External Amps down the road to add some more wattage if he thinks he needs it.Maybe a couple of Subwoofers.too?As mentioned above"it was in stock!"  
SVS sub owners, Past and Present
I had the SB12-NSD,and Older Cylinder Sub[cant remember the Model Number] sold both to friends-they are still working Great,and now use 2 PC2000 Cylinder Subs no complaints,great service and good Value.I have not had many other good Brands,excep... 
Mini lores
I have the Mlores,great value for the money.When I got my Lore References the Mlores were moved to the back for surround sound duty.Recommended Value for the Dollar USA Made too.    
The Intellectual People Podcast - KLOS Carbon Fiber Guitars
The Emerald Guitar Line looks pretty impressive as well,out of Ireland 
My Experience With Tekton
I believe Klipsch is another Speaker MFG caught publishing w/sens ratings Higher than they really are,buy 3-6db in cases 
Schiit customer service seems poor
My few times I reached out I had an answer within a day..sometimes same day 
Decware: a worthwhile option?
larryi i hopped on the Italian Synthesis site and it looks like they have some cool stuff..couldnt find pricing tho.Some good looking items there 
Budget tower speakers that rock!
May as well get those Zu's coming 
DCM speakers for my Yamaha receiver... help me decide!
I had the TF350[my son now has them] and they imaged crazy good.If you do get some keep in mind they are really old and the cloth and that goo they used to put it on are probably goin bad.not to mention the surrounds and crossovers. i passed on so... 
Budget tower speakers that rock!
Look at some of the Tekton offerings Lore Reference etcJamo;Fluance to add a couple of choices. 
Tekton Electron SE
+1 mapman 
Tekton Design Speakers Price Increase
YEP,you're gonna get the haters piling up..since this is your first post you will also be called a shill..planted by Eric at Tekton...he is known to be quite Nefarious around here.LOL 
google chromecast audio + tube preamp
you probably do but,Have you made sure the quality is set to max/High quality on the Chromecast Audio?