SCAMMER ALERT! Listing ID: lisb9h3h

I am the owner of these speakers, and yes selling them, elsewhere, but not on Audiogon. This scammer is using part of my ad and all my pictures.




Report to Audiogon and it will be taken care of quickly. Sometimes members are lazy taking their own pictures.

They used part of my ad in the description word for word. I have opened a support ticket. I couldn't find a link to report the ad.

I do not know the benefit of this type of scamming, unless they think someone will send them money unknowingly.  I have listed items for sale [not on Audiogon] and had fake interest from someone who made me think they were going to buy.  [Just waiting for my paycheck etc].  Wanted me to pull the ad just on their say so.  Then try to string me along.....  I can smell BS from a long ways off.

Great job geronimo_usmc, you have done everyone on Audiogon a great service by getting the scammer suspended very quickly.

There is a rectangular red button "Report this listing" at the bottom of every listing that you can click and report, for future reference.

Thank you. I don’t know that. I’ve sold and bought from here before, but I’m not on this site a lot.