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A nightmare regarding streaming?
@fastfreight How do you export a Roon playlist to PDF?  Thanks  
ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
I connect using high level with Neutrik SpeakOn connectors which are recommended by REL, never look back.  
Problem: DAC or streamer San Francisco east bay help
@bander  I have a streaming system which I can help; however I am a couple hours from the East Bay.  You can message me if you want to bring your DAC.  
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
I would not listen if the sound is poor.  
McIntosh tube upgrade - worthwhile?
I swapped stock tubes to Telefunken and the sound improved significantly. Once I swapped, I didn't want to go back to stock tubes. I sold all my McIntosh preamplifier and amplifier and I still have a pretty good inventory of Telefunken over the ye... 
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
I haven't listened to ARC amplifiers. I prevously used McIntosh MC275 MK VI and it lacked details and bass. It was weak. If you want dynamic, you won't have it. If you simply want tube warmth, it may work. Good luck!  
The $300 fee is ridiculous regardless. Doesn’t seem like someone I would want to deal with. In addition, it doesn’t make sense that you demo one model and buy a different model for your system 🤔. This is like you test drive a BMW 7 series and buy ... 
I’m afraid my Audio Aero Capitole mk2 has died
You'll be happy with streaming. If you set up correctly, streaming should exceed CDs on SQ.  Best of luck.  
SCAMMER ALERT! Listing ID: lisb9h3h
There is a rectangular red button "Report this listing" at the bottom of every listing that you can click and report, for future reference.  
How many monthly kilowatt hours, including hi-fi, do you use?
1200 kWh including EV charging last month.  For the same month a few years ago without an EV charging, I used 200 kWh.  I don't know how many kWh were attributed by using the audio system, but I don't care. I turn on and listen anyway.  
SCAMMER ALERT! Listing ID: lisb9h3h
Report to Audiogon and it will be taken care of quickly. Sometimes members are lazy taking their own pictures.  
Audiophile frame of mind
@simao  It is expensive but it's up to the buyer to make that judgment, not you. So again, it is subjective.  
Audiophile frame of mind
Expensive / inexpensive is relative and subjective. People do whatever best for their circumstance.  
18 inch subwoofer vs multiple 12 inch subwoofers with bookshelf speakers
I know the brand Rythmik but have never used them in my system. In general, smaller drivers, 12 inch in your case vs. 18 inch, will deliver faster bass which can keep up with your song.  Larger drivers, in general tend to be slow and likely suitab... 
Can an unbalanced-to-balanced adaptor damage an amplifier?
I didn't encounter any issues when I used the adapter XLR => RCA on Conrad Johnson GAT preamplifier and RCA => XLR on a Pass Labs amplifier. I don't think you have any issues but safe to confirm with T+A.