San Jose CA

Is there anyone in the San Jose area who would be interested in forming a new audio club? I live in Willow Glen. .
Hi Mike, I just did a  search & yr msg popped up. Wow, 4 months - zero response!.  maybe one already exists nearby, but I sure can't find it. I'm in sunnyvale.

Hopefully more will chime in eventually. I'll message you and we can get each other's contact info. I did come across another guy, but he's more of a headphone guy. But he's still interested in listening to other systems.


 I live south in Hollister but I would be down after things get better in the world  Gus

I would be interested to join, I am into headphones, speakers, and car audio in San Jose
I know this post is late but I'm interested cause none of my friends are obsessive enough about good audio gear or sound like I im. lets do it!
Hey guys,

This COVID thing has really put a damper on community building, but when things clear up a little more, I'll reach out again and hopefully get a group together!

I'm late to the game, but live in Campbell.  Yes, when COVID gives a break, I would be interested in learning from those around the South Bay.

I'm in San Jose, CA and am interested in hooking up with like minded audiophiles.

I already belong to 2 audio clubs:

San Francisco Audiophile Society:

Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society:

Awesome! It sounds like we have enough people interested. Is COVID behind us or should we wait a bit longer?

Howdy form the North, did you get your club up and running?

I am an Alaskan analog music lover and vintage audio equipment lover.

I need a friend in San Jose, I am Willing to pay for your time, gas, packing supplies and care.

I purchased a pioneer qx 949A (i am a quad head) from the silicon valley goodwill in SJ and i would need some one to pick it up and either box and ship or deliver it to a repair tech in

SJ. I have two possibles to contact. I do not trust that goodwill is able to properly pack a vintage receiver safely for shipping.

I will have to get pre approval for you to pick up at goodwill and i believe you can schedule a time that works for you. I do have to pay for it soon so i need to make arrangements soon.


Anyone interested can contact me

ivansbacon at

or 90seven 440 6649

Thanks and keep the old stuff from the landfill.

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+1 for San Jose and Willow Glen. We'll have enough for a club in 10 years at this rate!

You are welcome to join the

We have weekly Zoom Happy Hours, Regular

In person meetings and connection info for people

near you.


I did just join the AF at the encouragement of a member friend. I just posted my system there in the forum section. I hope to hear some other systems local to me and have others hear my system as well, but that might be in "awhile" cause I just installed a bunch of Furutech GTX NCF Rhodium plated outlets and its gonna be some time until they burn in. They are a bit bright in the upper frequencies currently....I hope they smooth out some!


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