Coda 07X vs Backert Rhumba extreme vs VAC renaissance V

Hi all, I am making a major changes in my system. I have always been using SS and am changing from SS integrated to separates. I have always loved class A and now want to get flavor of tubes (for their 3D like holographic sound). My amp (which will arrive soon) is Audia Flight strumento no.4 mk2. The input impedance for this amp is rated as 7,5 kOhm. 
Based on some research, I have narrowed down to above three pre-amps and would like to keep budget < 6K (Ok being used). My inclination is to go for Backert or VAC, but have heard people talking about Coda 07x, being a SS, is very tube like. Has anybody compared or listened to these ?. I know there is always a flavor of sound being subjective and it is best to audition first. But I have busy schedule and for the first time, want to make purchase without auditioning. 
I think @teejay had reviewed the Coda. And if I am not mistaken, he might have reviewed the regular version of the Backert. I love my regular Rhumba!
Absolutely not. In fact it replaced a TVC and made the system so "alive and dynamic". I could not believe what I had been missing. Just give it 100 hours or so to open up.
I have sat in front of an 07X a few times.  Personally,  I would not call it tube like. Many Tube people think of SS as dry or overly etched,   The Coda is not that either.  I found in ever so slightly toward the warm side. Clean, smooth and detailed.  I enjoyed my time with it.  

I have heard the Strumento through the VAC specifically the Signature MK IIa. Holographic soundstage and excellent pretty much all around. DCed 
I decided to go with VAC. I will be getting VAC Renaissance MK V and see how it sounds. Thanks everyone for input. 
Its good you’re thinking about impedance issues. That 7.5k input impedance is very low and likely to present an issue with many tube based pres. If the pre's output is capacitor coupled, you’ll likely need capacitors of at least 10uF.
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Yes, I was a bit concerned about low input impedance of my amp, but again with 150-300 ohm output impedance of vac, the ratio of 25-50:1 was right were it needs to be and hence pulled the trigger. 
@romney80 & @tvad I stupidly responded before making it to the end of the thread and didn't notice the purchase decision. Congrats! 

And please do post back with your impressions. I've always wanted to hear VAC gear. Used to be particularly interested in back when I had Thiel speakers... heard some very positive reports of the combination.
Excellent choice.  The VAC will have no issue with you amp’s impedance.  I have the Renaissance V and it is an excellent piece driving my Ayre VX5.  You can do some substituting of the 6922 tubes and enjoy different subtle changes, but VAC has voiced it well with the factory supplied new production tubes.  
Thanks for all the input. I have heard only good things about vac. This will be my first jump into tubes. I will see how the stock tubes work and might try some others eventually. drrsutliff. What other tubes have you tried ?
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@romney80 Not trying to make any money or anything... I've got 3 matched Amperex 6922 white label/grey plates and 2 matched Amperex 7302 white label US factory tubes (60's vintage).  I got them for my Audio Mirror Tubadour III-SE, but ended up sticking with the stock miniature 5977 tube pairs.  Just good, rare tubes sitting around gathering dust, I only put maybe 10 hours on both sets.  I've been too lazy to get around to selling, so message me if you start going down the 6922 rabbit hole and want to try out some of these NOS vintages.  
Just to update. I hooked up VAC Renaissance mK V to AF instrument no.4 mk 2 feeding Aerial acoustics 7T and 2 REL S5/SHOs. Upstream is Luxman D-10 X fed by antipodes CX/S30. I have listened for many hours and tried almost all genres. I am very happy and thrilled with this tube pre-amp. Very musical and not at all harsh even at loud volumes. There is something magical about tubes and the mids, which makes the vocal sound melodious and very pleasant. I don't expect dynamic slam as you get from full SS, but the combination of SS amp with tube pre-amp gives the best of both worlds and so far I have all the dynamic punch as much as I want. The strumento no4 mk2 is one amazing killer amp. I love this combo and will easily live it for long. I think everybody needs tubes in their chain (amp or preamp or DAC) to get best out of music. 
Great outcome, exactly what you hope to hear when people get new gear. Tube pre and ss amp is my solution too. Congrats!