Rogue mb 120's ground lift & triode question

Hello everyone, I have looked at the manual and photos of the rear panel of the Rogue 120 monoblocks. For the life of me I can't see the ground lift switch or the pentode / triode toggle. Are they located eleswhere on the 120s or? (I see them plain as day on the 150s).....
Hello Gelmhirst,

Rogue originally placed those switches inside the chassis. It was only on the later production runs that the switches were placed on the back panel of the monoblocks.

According to an old "Stereophile" review of the M-120's, you have to remove the 6550 tubes in order to access the ultralinear/triode switches.

Hope this helps,
Earlier model 120s did not have external switches. Call Rogue to get details. Not difficult to do. Triode switch you can do witout taking off the top. Liftng the ground will require more work.
You need to remove the cover on the older Rogue amps...pull the large tubes and remove 10 screws to remove the cover. Someone did not have their thinking cap on.