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wadia 170i to dac magic
OK, success, thx! 
Auto shut off not working
Hey thx, yeah, relay or something sounds about right. I took things apart, got it working without knowing what I did, then it wouldn't work etc. Picking up my fathers unused mint Technics SL-Q3 shortly for nothing as a temp replacement so... 
Neil Diamond.........
Comon, Neil's the Man. I was about five years old and mom had Hot August Night cranked on vinyl time and time again, while vacuuming....I've always liked him. That's a long time. 
DAC pre
thx guys! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Sryro Gyra - Catching the Sun, love the dynamics of this band, and on vinyl hard to beat cranked 
Nearfield listening
PMC, how bout those? 
Mcintosh c220 with 20 year old Citation 22 ?
Another vote for an mcd201 straight into mc252, I have never been happier. 
Two subs, yes or no?
Hey thanks guys, this is very very helpful. I was at my favorite dealer Ovation Audio this weekend and Mike and Rickey spoke of running 2 x mono to integrate with my xls360's..Two things as I was not clear. When I make reference to using both rcs ... 
Two subs, yes or no?
Music 100%, no HT, budget would allow 2 x Velodyne SPL1000's.. 
Two subs, yes or no?
Hey thanks, and to clarify, the mcd201 can run balanced to my amp (my preference), and rcas to sub(s) simultaneously... 
Two subs, yes or no?
HMM, mono you say.. Let me throw this at you. I have learned I can use my second set of outputs/rcas from the variable side of the mcd201 direct to a sub. If two subs are run in mono does that mean 1 rca (+), to sub 1, and the other 1 rca (-), to ... 
whistling in the ears
tinnitus, 38 and I have it. Comes and goes. Me, stress brings it on. I drives me mad, especially when i'm trying to sleep. Do your research, lots of good info on this pain in the ass. 
your opinion on subwoofers in two channel
I have a pair of PMC GB1s 29Hz-25kHz. Heaven in the mids and highs, just need a tad more low end. I have limited space 15x11 and limited budget, 700.00. What specs in a sub should I be looking at? This is something I do not understand when reading... 
Members with No Feedback
John, I did not know can that be, to simply deny it. Will it remain this way? I suppose a start as buy or seller would be to simply stay clear of '0's, then again I started with '0' at one time as well, not really fair to ligit newcomers... 
What's your profession? Age?
Now 37, arbitration guy for online auction remarketer of wholesale vehicles, gear about 12k now...