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40 yrs ago today, the world got "Experienced"
"I still have to kiss the sky on a regular basis"Oh, I thought it was "kiss this guy"! 
Good SS Designers and their lesser known designs
Peter Perreaux...original designer of the 1970's-80's amps and preamps. I had an Acoustat TNT that was powering my Acoustat 2+2's.The TNT was stolen (don't ask!), so I went to my dealer to replace it. He demo-ed a CD with loud transients and the T... 
How do I set up an Oracle Delphi Mk I turntable?
Go to this link:http://www.vinylengine.com/library_model.php?make=Oracle&selected_model=Delphi 
Jolida 100 CD Player - No Disk error
I don't have the problem with my Jolida that you're having....however, with a few of the XRCD's that I have, I can hear the disc whirring around as it's playing. Not all the XRCD's, just a few. With all other non-XRCD's there is complete silence. ... 
Magnepan tonearm
Bdgregory,The mounting distance is not 224mm. That is the pivot to spindle distance....the pivot and mounting hole are different distances from the spindle. Look at where the actual pivot is and you'll see that it's not over the mounting hole.The ... 
Magnepan tonearm
Here is the relevant information.http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=vinyl&n=586421&highlight=magnepan&session=Also, read the complete thread.Hope this helps.Jeff 
tonearm to fit mysterious pre-cut plinth?
Soundslike the cut is for the SME arms. 
I need help choosing my next tube preamp.
Just go with the Manley Shrimp and be done with it! Has all your requirements including a stepless volume control.http://www.manleylabs.com/containerpages/shrimp.html 
Trying out a tube preamp
Manley Shrimp. $1880. Underpriced for both its build and sound quality. 
Tube preamp $1500-2000 for a thin sounding amp?
Manley Shrimp - $1880 
What tubes are you using in your Jolida JD 100?
Have owned my Jolida for almost 3 years. Did not like the stock tubes and decided to try the 5751's and never looked back. Am currently using the Raytheon 5751 w/windmill getter. Have also tried the RCA 3 mica's and the Ge 3 mica's. I like the RCA... 
Ok....Audiogoners: need some tube amp ideas
No contest....Rogue M-150 Monoblocks. I don't read the magazines, so I don't know if they advertise.Anyway, 150 watts ultralinear/100 watts triode.New price is $4000. Hard to find used but go for $2600-2900. One of the best value in amps. 
Preamp suggestions for Rogue M150
Am using the Manley Shrimp with my 150's. I think it's a great combination, plus the Shrimp is very well built, and VERY quiet. Both Rogue and Manley offer world-class support and service. 
Rogue M-150
Am using stock power tubes (EH KT88)Stock drivers (EH 12AU7)Input are NOS RCA 5751 3-mica (late 50's vintage).Also recommended are RCA 12AX7 long blackplates if you don't want/like the 5751's.According to Mark @ Rogue, the input tubes have the gre... 
nagamichi dragon instruction manual
I used to own the Dragon many years ago. If what you mean by the "center absolute point" is adjustment of the heads for identical record/playback parameters going in both directions, I think you need a 'scope to adjust them. If I recall, the manua...