Revel Salon 2 in Milwaukee area


I am a newbie to hi fi. It always has been a dream of mine to own an ultimate stereo audio system. I have a struggle with chosing a speaker system. My electronics will be Mcintosh.

I auditioned B&W 802 diamonds (THE latest version) and LOVED them. BUT a lot of respected audiophiles recommend Revel Studio 2's or Salon 2's - in that price range.

I found ONLY one Revel dealer in Milwaukee and Chicago area who displayed Ultima2. I went to the dealer and he had a pair of used Studio 2's for audition. It turned out to be a very mediocre experience. I have a feeling it may have been from a bad setup.

Are there any Audiogon member in Milwaukee area who are passionate enough to share his/her Salon 2's for listening session?

Very much appreciated for the conseideration.
You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't attend the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next month

you can listen to all the big names and a lot of smaller lesser know products. That way your dream of owning a fine system can be based in the reality of having listened to it first.

A cheap event to get to: fly Frontier to Denver and $30 round trip to the hotel. Weekend rates at the Marriott or other close by hotels. A real eye opener for a lot of audiophiles.

I ran into a guy there who was in tears because he had purchased a system prior to coming to the show and he realized there was so much out there that was better and perhaps cheaper then what he had bought.

Check it out.
Many quality speakers have a neutral well balanced nature that doesn't impress upon first listen . But that neutrality is of paramount importance when designing and building a great system .
Make no mistake , the Salon's and Studio's are world class speakers .
I have a pair of Salon 2s. These are terrific speakers.

I certainly would recommend you attend RMAF in Denver. The Revels as well as other superb speakers will be on display and ready for audition. This event is only 2 weeks away. Probably the best opportunity to you'll have in the short term to audition.

Thank you for the input. i won't be able to make that, but that is a great idea - attending shows/fests.