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Vintage Sonus Faber vs New Scansonic
I'd go with the Cremonas. They have a special sound thats hard to equal. 
What's the most overrated or overpriced piece of equipment you own, have owned or come by?
A turntable that cost as much as a nice car but I rarely use. 
Fess Up How much have you spent on this Hobby??
To hard to recall, been purchasing gear since the early seventies, but a guess would be between $250,000 and $350,000, not including music. 
How Pathetic is Welborne Labs?
Seems like a simple mistake that they tried to fix.Certainly doesn't seem like much to wine about. 
Audio - Post Divorce
Wasn't married long for before I realized I was the number two music crazy/happy person in the home. She's behind me, no make that in front of me, when it comes to purchasing anything audio or music related. 
I've had a Levinson #532H for several years now, I love it as well. 
is there an audiophile war going on
I've been a member of the SH site for a number of years, there are your usual uninformed list of suspects but we have those here too. The site is monitored but in a good way. The only negative there is the host is a real drip. 
How Things Change
It's hard for me to look very far back as the first few decades I was involved in audio there was no internet. But I'm sure my opinion about audio and music has changed greatly and will still change. I'm not done upgrading, never will be, so I'm n... 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
It's been the best ride of my life, why would I want to get off ? 
Best beer
If it's Canadian beer it likely comes in kegs Nonoise. lol 
Best bargain find ever ?
Luxman M6000 amp $150. last weekend, works well. 
Sony HAPZ1 For prospective buyers and owners
Onhwy61, I'm not about to dispute your claims, but I've always heard sonic improvements by burning direct from a CD, although it's definitely not the easiest way. Can you explain why there would be an improvement by transferring through the Sony s... 
Sony HAPZ1 For prospective buyers and owners
Thanks Brownsfan. I do already have all my CD's on my I-mac. I guess your saying there's no way to install the CD's direct from a CD player ? As this would be the best way to transfer music. 
Sony HAPZ1 For prospective buyers and owners
Brownsfan . I've been considering the unit since I heard about it.But I don't want to record music from my I-Mac, I would prefer burning it direct from my CD player , I'm not worried about the graphics .Bassically , I want to burn 600 CD's onto it... 
Major mistakes made in assembling your audio rig
Can honestly say I haven't made many mistakes the last decade or so.The system sounds wonderful , I'd be hesitant to change anything.We can always look back and say, I should have went one more step up when I upgraded this or that, but then what w...