Replacing tweeter in Harbeth SHL5 Plus

Since I’m not using my Harbeth SHL5 plus speakers all that much I thought I’d put them up for sale. When I started to pack them I noticed that my son must have poked a finger into one of the tweeters. It is a very small dent and I don’t hear any degradation in sound. But I still went ahead and ordered a new tweeter from a Harbeth dealer. When trying to replace it, the connection with the exiting tweeter is pretty tight and won’t come off easily. I don’t want to wrestle with it too much and make matters worse. Before I try other things im trying to figure out if the connecting wires are typically soldered together or can I wiggle and disconnect them. 

if anyone has replaced a tweeter on SHL5+ or something similar, please let me know. Much appreciated. 


Thanks. I did try with pliers but they won’t come off. I’m afraid to put too much course and make it worse. 

Give the importer a call ( Fidelis ), I’m sure they will tell you how to remove it. BTW, I just bought that speaker and I am really liking  them!

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Harbeth usually use spade connectors. It will be totally obvious to you when a connector is used versus a soldered joint. But as I say, and from what you have reported, it's a spade connector. The key to removing those connectors is that you need to wiggle the connector from side to side while pulling with your pliers - you need a snip nosed pliers to do this. If you just try to tug the connector, it will not release. Take it slowly, wiggling the connector and pulling forcefully but gently on it.  Keep yourself braced and try to feel for when it is going to let go. As regards polarity, just photograph the existing wires so you you know what goes where when installing the new unit.

@yogiboy I did call Fidelis. Apparently, the person who 'knows' is always busy or on the other line. They take my number but never call me back. What're you gonna do? :)

@yoyoyaya Thanks for the tips. I will try to disconnect and attach the new tweeter this weekend. My only concern is that I might pull or twist too hard and break the wire altogether. But I'll give it a shot. Appreciate it.

Get in touch with Harbeth  directly. I have done that in the past and they are very helpful!

arafiq - you're welcome. Only ever move the connector side to side laterally - never twist it. At least you are replacing the tweeter so it's a good opportunity to practice! Best of luck.

use small diameter long needle nose pliers and pry then away from the tweeter connector.  grip the connector from the side and gently leverage the edge of the tweeter flange like a fulcrum.