Replace HDD in Sony HAP Z1ES with an SSD...but wait, there is more!

Hi Guys.

I got this great Sony HAP Z1ES with the built in HHD disc drive that I would love to replace with a SSD for better responsiveness and safety.   This is easily doable, as you can exchange the drive, format it in the unit and then re-copy all your music to it... 

Here is the thing though:   I want to keep all my work organising and most importantly keep ALL the metadata and SenseME channels that has been processed on the unit.  Something that the player has spend a YEAR doing for the 20.000 tracks on it, since everything is processed on the tiny CPU locally. 

Especially all the senseME work is what makes it great value to me, as it creates unique mixes across genres based on feeling instead of some algorithm giving you more of what it thinks you like. 

So.  I want to do a block copy of the HHD to a new SSD and replace the current drive for a HAP Z1. 

Anyone tried that?  Seeking advice and solution.



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👍. Great help, thank you… not.  Any sensible answers from

clever people? 😁

I hope I can help here I use a program that take a complete copy of your drive and you can the plant it onto a newly formatted solid state drive. The company is O and O Software and the program is Diskimage . They give 30 days grace before you need to pay for it. Good luck whichever you chose.

I too am looking to replace the HD in my Sony HAP player as it skips and sometimes resets to the same song halfway through.   I have a nice Sandisk 2TB SSD I want to install but I don’t know how to copy the players OS which is Linux. Help!

Lots of software will do that for you.  A couple of practical considerations are:

1.  Do you have disk space on a PC to create an image on?

2. You'll probably need some sort of USB drive reader to allow you to connect the old drive to your PC.  Maybe 2 if you need to make the copy without using your PC as a temp drive.

mate they told you what to try. there isn't some blak majik involved. clone the disc and install