Repair Used Focal Speakers

Can anyone advise on the process to repair a Focal Bass driver, speaker was purchased used so no dealer to work with. The speaker is only a few months old, but again purchased used from a private party. Does Focal have representation in the US to fix their drivers/speakers?


Focal is distributed in the US by Focal North America. You should look them up, but any Focal dealer should help you at least get repairs.

If you try going directly to Focal NA it may help you to have the driver part number handy. They are more likely to help you if they think you know what you are doing.

Double check and make sure it’s actually the driver. I’ve seen Focal crossovers break. The inductor had a hidden break near the PCB.  If in doubt, switch the woofer and see if the problem remains with the crossover or if it moves with the driver.

Thanks erik, the speakers are Sopra No.2 and they each have 2 woofers. For sake of description, the left channel full speaker works great, the right channel has the problem.  The right channel upper woofer, does produce lower sound and volume but no body, when compared to the same woofer in the left channel speaker. Also the upper woofer Right channel does have some movement, while the lower woofer Right channel operates fine. Would this rule out any crossover problems?


1st if you can renew the contact with seller, ask if he’s registered this product online for warranty.

2nd if not and he’s still got receipt of purchase(in fact even receipt isn’t needed in some cases) register your product for warranty online with mentioned purchase date.

3rd, bring your speakers to Focal dealer and get them repaired for free.
Tone, so you have 2 woofers in the same speaker that are not operating the same way?  Then it's likely to be a woofer problem, but it could also be a cabling problem. If you can, remove the back plate and look at the crossover.  See if the woofer wires are crimp on or soldered to the board.  Examine the connection in any case. Take a picture of the crossover while you are in there and send it to me.  I want a look too! :)

I'm not sure if you can, but you might be able to reach the woofer connectors. Double check to make sure they are fully on and tight.

As for warranty, any Sopra should be under warranty though, they just came out. :)
With the speaker disconnected, gently move both woofers. See if the "good" and "bad" woofer move with the same degree of freedom. If the bad one feels in any way different, then that’s your answer. Make sure your amplifier is off for this, as amps with negative feedback will resist cone motion.

They should move easily, like pushing into a Krispy Kreme donut. :)
there 1 video on youtube
Man showing problem with one bass driver of focal sopra2,seems clicking sounds coming .
The speaker will be under warranty. There is good advice in this thread.
Happy Listening!
Thanks everyone for the very helpful responses. I will contact the local dealer and see what they can do.