RCA plugs that don't fit.

I've had problems with numerous interconnects lately that have WBT or WBT style locking RCA's. The connectors have been so tight that they won't fit on the jacks on back of my eqipment. This has happened on various types of equipment, and my only solution has been to unscrew the barrel of the connector and attach the cable without it. Has anyone else had similar problems and is there a solution I'm missing. The most important thing is not breaking the connectors on the back of my equipment while maintaining a secure connection.
I had the same problem with Cardas RCA. These RCA plugs weren't solid ahd had a "6-teeth" structure. I inserted a wire pliers inside and streched(very carefully) the opposite "teeth" on each plug.
I've never seen one that you couldnt loosen by unscrewing to get on and then tighten (don't overtighten) on the jack. Unlike those Radio Shack cables that you use at your peril.
While i've never had such a severe problem as you mention, i have had some RCA's that are very, very tight fits. As Paulwp mentions, i've never seen a locking or "clamping" connector that could not be loosened up enough to slide it on. Most of my problems have been with non-locking RCA's that were either "under sized" on purpose (trying to make the most contact area possible) or simply not machined right to begin with. Sean
Perhaps shrink wrap or the cable's insulation is blocking the full movement of the outer part of the RCA. I had this happen once on a Mapleshade IC (the plastic insulation was in the way).
Some connectors are reverse thread. Are you sure your loosening the barrel correctly? Maybe take them to a hi-fi shop and have them checked.
WBT connectors screw tighten. They are designed that way. You need to unscrew/loosen them. Hold the Gold part near the cable end and twist the black housing. If the end of the RCA plug is pointing up I think twisting left to right is loosen. Then insert into your gear and re-tighten.
Thanks everyone! I figured it out. Boy, do I feel like an idiot. Oh well, it's not the first time.
The connector without the outside barrel sounds better, if it is not too loose and rf is not a problem. However, as the above posts suggest when twisting the barrel make sure that it is moving toward the rca connector on the component.
Just as an aside, do not overtighen. Your best sonics will be obtainied by going about an 1/8th of a turn once you start to feel resistance with the locking RCA's. If you really crank them down hard, the sound will start to harden up as well and become quite bright. Don't overtighten!
Good point and I agree with HDM (the Bee Man:-) on this point. I did not find this out until I "forgot" to tighten a pair of HT Truthlink IC's in the midst of some cable swaps (they sounded much better somewhat loose). Natural instinct is to tighten the crap out of anything that tightens (except the oil plug on auto's), but this is not always the best way to go with these RCA's.