Questions about purchasing a used CJ tube amp

I am conversing with a guy here on Agon about purchasing his used CJ LP-70S power amp. Although the amp is very clean and seems to be taken great care of, it is possibly up to 18 years old. He states that the amp is running up to spec but has never had it into CJ or a tech to verify that and states that since they used Polystyrene coupling capacitors there is nothing to wear out except the tubes which were replaced with KT120 a year ago, supported by CJ due to the 6550 being hard to get. Not a lot of feedback on the seller and I have dealt with over zealous sellers in the past. Just looking for a little feedback from the forum before tendering an offer. Thanks



Seller has 16 positive feedback scores. They do state no returns in their policy but you could try for the aforementioned warranty if it breaks (not if you don't like the sound.) There are some past sales of these amps with prices around $2500. You might consider that in your offer.

While the parts in this amp are very high quality, the capacitors can be a problem after 18 - 20 yrs.  And they can be very expensive to replace, especially the teflon caps.

@noromance, I took note of that $2500 sale a few years ago, albeit that amp was missing a few things, tube cages and factory box and they had reduced the cost to offset the trip to CJ for a checkup. This will more than likely be my last amp purchase and I believe I am just a bit cautious, love the CJ gear I have had in the past and think this one will be just right for my needs. Thanks to all. Enjoy the music