Question for Pure Power 1050 users

Since the Pure Power 1050 creates "pure power" is there any need for upgraded power cords to my components?

Would a well-constructed DIY power cord be just as effective from the 1050 to my components as my current Stealth Dream power cords? It seems to me that high-end power cords should have a neglible effect since the power coming out of the 1050 is regenerated without any of the usual AC nasties.

Anyone have experience or theories with the 1050 and power cord juggling?

My Pure Power 1050 should be here in about two weeks.
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I have experimented with a few different power cords with similar effect as experienced without the PurePower. That being, a diversity to the presentation, from cord to cord. I have also run an after market cord into the PurePower, with less noticeable influence. will need power cords. No other wire is so influential on the total sound.
Because if the Pure Power makes high-end power cords irrelevant I won't need them and I have a buyer for my Stealth Dream power cords right now. If I wait until I have the Pure Power in my system he may jump on other power cord opportunities between now and then.
You will want to compare Stealth to stock power cords. There are always other buyers for good stuff at reasonable price. No need to rush.
I have a PurePower 2000. The power cord before and after it makes a very significant difference. For instance, I replaced a Shunyata Python with a Verastarr Grand Illusion V2 connecting my cd player to the PP 2000. The GI cord allowed a deeper soundstage with more air around the instruments. It was easy to hear. I certainly would not sell the Stealth cord before you get the 1050 or you may lose some of the benefit that the 1050 brings to the musical experience.
I own a 1050. Power cords connected to your components from the 1050 outlets do make a difference. I wouldn't get rid of any power cords because I have a Pure Power 1050.
You can absolutely hear the difference with different cords out of the 1050. It really is a very good power source by the way. The difference when I put it in my system was very obvious indeed. The retailer who sold me mine recommended a good but not fancy power cord into the 1050. He said anything more was'nt worth it as it is a regenorator. I don't know if that is true as I have'nt tried any others.
You will be pleased by the effect of the 1050. I have heard it said that the 2000 is a better unit, regardless of whether you need the extra power draw. Again I don't know if that is true or not.