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Looking for Amp suggestions or Avalon speakers
"You need to be aware that the weakest point of Avalon is what I call intimate sound. This is a physical small and realistic proportion of instruments and voices."Just the opposite is true. Set up properly in a decent room, Avalon excels at imagin... 
Wilson Audio Sasha 2 & Avalon Indra
"The biggest limitation of Avalon ( sold it for over 6 years of time) is the individual focus of instruments and voices within the wide and deep stage. In real instruments and voices are a lot more physical apparent. No matter what kind of cable y... 
PS Audio PWD MkII vs W4S DAC2
"BTW, is there a CONSENSUS best sound version?"I thought there was..."2.4.3 is the best sounding DAC version so far." :) 
PS Audio PWD MkII vs W4S DAC2
Accordinig to a number of posts on the PS Audio forum, the jury is still out on the latest firmware upgrade. A number of owners posted that they had gone back to 2.2. because they did not like the way 2.4.3 sounded.I was considering upgrading to 2... 
Blind squirrels and such-Ncore 400
You will have to wait hundreds of hours before you hear what these amps can do. I was very happy with the detail, soundstage, drive, etc. early on, but the warmth and emotion didn't show up for a loooooong time. Be patient. You will be rewarded. Y... 
How good is the PWD DAC II Preamp Section
I believe Paul McGowan at PS Audio said absolutely no stripping occurs in the PWD digital volume control as long as the volume control is set above the 50% level. 
Class A amps or Class D??: Which sounds better??
Class D is evolving and if you do a search on the Hypex NCores you will find a significant number of owners who have dropped their high-end amps for the NCores. Several big-name Class A amps that are often mentioned in these forums have fallen to ... 
Class D amps
Drubin,I used this chassis in all aluminum - 330mm x 280mm.I was very pleased with the result. 
Class D amps
Dob, I just finished my NCores yesterday. They are clearly better than my UCD400 monoblocks and I loved my UCD400s.The NCores are more transparent, bass is tighter and there is simply more information presented. Without a doubt instruments and voi... 
Magico Q7 . . . wow
I don't want to own any car for 10 years. I lease a new car every 2 to 3 years. I could care less how problematic a car may be in 10 years - who keeps a car 10 years?I don't even keep audio products 10 years. I can't imagine keeping amps, speakers... 
The Problem with Synergistic Research
As much as I like my audio system, my next car will be a Porsche! Nothing wrong with having both. 
Magico Q7 . . . wow
Audio freak, oops you just lost some credibility when you said BMWs are in the shop half the time. I've owned two of them (currently lease a Jag, it's been great too) and neither of them was ever in the shop one day except for annual scheduled mai... 
Class D amps
I received my NCores in the first batch, but I just haven't put them together yet. I have been running UCD400HG with HxR for 2 or 3 years. They are fabulous and I expect the NCores will be considerably better based on what I have read. 
Class D amps
Might want to do some homework on the latest Hypex NCore amps. They have kicked a lot of big names out of some very high-end systems. 
Sabai, once again this becomes a circular argument. You simply are guilty of the same thing that you accuse others of followed by another denial in some sort of flowery, sweet-smelling philosophical prose about bullying and mockery.You can spread ...