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AGD Tempo in the house
Better check Alberto's website.  Mike Powell is listed as a dealer.  Eleven Stereo is Mike Powell's.  
Meitner MA3 vs Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed vs Cambridge Audio Edge NQ
I have a Meitner MA-3 and AGD Tempo Di Gan.  It is one very sweet detailed combination with a superb soundstage.  
AGD Tempo in the house
I have the Tempo di Gan paired with the Meitner MA-3 DAC/Streamer.  It has been said that the Tempo competes with $10-15K amps.  I believe that this is absolutely true.  It replaced a Boulder 866 which is many times the price of the Tempo.  The Te... 
NAD M23 and a Stereo Pair of REL Subs
Since one channel output inverts phase, doesn't this mean that with "normal" connections that the main speakers would be out of phase resulting in the main speaker's woofers canceling each other out?    
Best sounding headphones you have owned?
RAAL SR1A with Boulder 866 Siltech speaker cables to impedance matching box all fed by Rockna Wavedream NET with ssd sounds absolutely superb especially with REL Carbon Special!  Could not ask for more.  
Power cord for Bricasti M3
I am using the Siltech Classic Legend 680P on mine.  It is a superb combination.  
Sound bar for Dialogue
Thanks to all who made suggestions.  I was able to pick up an open box ZVOX SB500 for $150 off.  My wife and I watched a program last night that for which we previously had to turn on captions to understand a fair amount  of the dialogue.  With th... 
Sound bar for Dialogue
Thanks, auxinput.  Given that my tv is in the living room in an entertainment center, acoustics could be the problem.  But wife acceptance factor does enter in.   
Sound bar for Dialogue
Thanks, Newbee.  Can you elaborate on the best model for dialogue, or are all ZVOX models great for dialogue?  I am using bookshelf speakers which are an improvement, but still some programs have dialogue that is less than clear at times. 
Server/Source Recommendation For Denafrips Terminator
Musica Pristina A Cappella works great via I2S over HDMI. 
List your breakthrough products that you’ve discovered on this audiophile Journey.
AGD Audion amps-Searched for amps that sound like these for decades.REL Carbon Limited SubwoofersRAAL Requisite SR 1a Ear Field Speakers I have never been into headphones. They made my ears hot. The RAAL Requisite’s sound fabulous and do not touch... 
Gryphon Diablo 300
When I had my Gryphon Diablo 120, I tried the input which bypassed the preamp in the 120.  I used the volume control on my Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced.  The sound was significantly better using the Rockna and bypassing the 120 preamp.  Lat... 
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
@mglik  AGD are the ONLY amps in 50 years in that grab me in such a way that is near impossible to not listen. Now listening, it is very difficult to write these few words.The AGD Audions did and continue to do the same for me. 
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
A couple of weeks ago, a dealer brought a Tambaqui over for the afternoon.  I compared it to my Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced.  Both were used to drive my AGD Audions directly with no preamp.  In my system, the Rockna was significantly bette... 
Pass Labs XA25 + Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 - A Good Combination?
I had the XA-25 with the Sonus Faber Elipsa SE's that I had at the time.  I found the XA-25 to be very transparent but very fatiguing to listen to for longer periods.  I added the Rumba 1.3 in an attempt to tame the Pass.  It helped a lot, but ult...