Question about Druids

Since Zu has such a liberal home audition policy, why would anyone who just bought a pair that is "not even broken in", sell them for a 1K loss? Why not just take advantage of the return option and pay the shipping back to the factory? This makes no sense to me. Any ideas?

I know you can negotiate the price... this is fact. Perhaps when you negotiate the price you give up the right to return them. Never pay full price for these.
Is there anyone out who negotiated a price on their Zu speakers? I was unaware of the "fact" that the price could be negotiated until Jjimali said so. Can someone verify that?
Jjmali, you say this negotiation of price is "fact?" Please elaborate. Inquiring Zu owners would love to know. Sounds like BS to me, but you never know. I never thought to even think of negotiating the price of my Defs, since they were being purchased straight from their factory. Maybe that was naive of me? I realize there is room for negotiation and I am never afraid to ask, but I find it a bit disconcerting that I may have paid more than others because I forgot to ask for a better price? Jjmali, please back up your statement.
Why don't you man up and ask the owner! If you were in the market for buying them, it wouldn't matter, his loss is your gain. If you are just kicking tires, what's the point of asking?
Jjmali, your statement is mean spirited, disparaging, and unfair to Zu. Speaking of manly things to do: how 'bout backing up those digs.
Music a11, I do appreciate the manly advice, but since I am still recovering from my gender change surgery, acting like a man is going to be difficult for me with all these harmones I'm taking. I'll wait a little, and see if the inherent male DNA in me will rise to the top and help me address the Zuboys.
I, still, would love to now what Jjmali has up his ass?
Putting aside the latest Zu rumor about discounting, I have to admit that I have wondered the same thing that Ozzy62 is asking. Why take a big hit on near new speakers when Zu makes such a point about their generous trial period? If the option to return them for a full refund exists, why on earth would anybody sell them at a big loss? It makes me wonder about the advertiser's claims. I couldn't wait to get mine broken in and I did so in much less time than Zu alots. But, if the seller in question took 6 months or a year to break his speakers in, that would answer all our questions.
I'll repeat the other question, "Is there anyone out there who received a discount from Zu by negotiating the price?".
I couldn't break in my Def's in 60 days and I ran them crazy. 60 days just is not enough time for the wondrous sound to happen. Maybe 6 months? But I knew where they were going. Others may not feel as confident. Also, I can see how the sound just may not agree with some: in 60 days, 30 days 180 days. Me? I love 'em. Having a ball with my SET and 101db Defs. I wouldn't think this to death. Some are not as patient and their break in time is not like others. 60 days doesn't not necessarily mean the hours that go along with that. That's a plain ole fact.
Besides the original launch of Druids & Definitions on ebay a few years back, and the recent 12 days of x-mas sale,I have not heard of Zu discounting their prices on the speakers.

In case anyone is still on the fence and wants to try them, Zu has posted they will pay the shipping for their products for the month of January.
songwriter, email me on the aside and give me your financial arrangements with Roy and the Green Mountain Moonies. I'll run it by the Zu boys and get back to you. You do read a newspaper every now and then don't you? I mean other than Stereophile and Tatoo my Body With Your Ink?
I hope this is the last ZU thread for a very long time. Been there done that.
Not to take away from your inquisitive question you understand.
I only read the opening lines to the above posts. thats quite enough. .
When you speculate "air" you have quite a large room for negotiable prices so there's no loss dude...

P.S. Druids once long time ago were one of my favourite tale heroes
Gentelmen, I never had the pleasure of hearing the Zu's. Did the performance prompt the rapid return of the speakers, to include the $1k loss?
I think this must be the ad that provoked this thread. I also think that Ozzy62 asks a valid question and that the comment about discounts (which might be true for all I know) remains unsubstantiated.

Only the seller knows his real reason for taking such a hit.....maybe one of us should ask him. I'll do it.
Six months to break a speaker in? I think it's the users ears that are being "broken in"....

My position on this has always been that the longer the "required break in period," the more of a chance that the owner will become accustomed to the sound of the speaker. It's the ears that are breaking in after 50 hours, not the drivers....