Q. on cheap good line contioning


I have a HT system, (DVD Player, REceiver, power amp to biamp Vandy's and TV)

I don't currently use a line contioning device and wondering if I should add one.

What are decent cheap devices to get, I only need 4 outlets as you can see, and what spec should I look for.


Why assume you need any? Do you have any surge protection for the system?

Tripp-Lite makes an excellant surge and noise suppresion 6 plug outlet. PartsExpress.com carries them for about 75. bucks. The twin banks of plugs are isolated from each other with the farthest pair from the power cord being 60 db down in quieting. It also has connections for your cable TV.

Yup have a basic surge protetcion filter one of the computer ones from best buy et

I have found that the mapleshaderecords.com highest model power strip provides a non-current limiting enhancement to performance of both front-end digital or analog components, and even enhanced a fixed powercord amplifier (subjective increase in speed of transients, together with smoother yet more dynamic sound, and cleaner, accurate bass).
This power strip has four parallel wires exiting from it which need to be kept separated from each other on the way to joining at the power plug for entering the AC wall outlet. Creates a bit of a mad scientist wiring array leading to the AC wall outlet.
The name alone suggests it better be doing something right for $340: Clearview double helix Mk II power strip, Plus version.
Although its appearance is sometimes the subject of derision since it is outwardly so plain, even flimsy looking, the audible benefits are very impressive. A family member has used it in a system including a video projector, and felt the picture improved.
I would call it the power conditioner without any visible power conditioner apparatus.
Get rid of the computer filter that you have, it restricts power quite a bit.

Go with the Tripp Lite or something along those lines. I use a VansEvers Super Companion ($150).

Dedicated lines to the breaker box might be the best bet. Monster HTS2000 et al would be about the cheapest thing that works. Although at the various places that I've lived my VansEvers power conditioner has worked better than a Monster HTS2000 albeit at a higher cost. Any of the things I've recommended is better than nothing.
Be careful of the Monster HTS2000. It will sound better at first, then you'll realize that all your CD's LP's sound the same. It actually glosses over the detail.

The Chang Lightspeed is about the least expensive audio conditioner/surge protector that helps the sound that I've tried and doesn't hurt it. I still plug my amp into the wall. The Chang 6400 is too limiting.

I'd avoid triplite and all the other computer power strips. They are not made for audio, so they will degrade the sound.