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Underrated album: Sonics AND Music
"Life for Rent" by Dido (CD-2003) 
System Upgrade Input
Thank you both for your input, it is appreciated.MC - Raven has some nice offerings!  If I sold my amps and pre and added some $$$, I would probably go with the Osprey integrated.  I wish the pre tubes were 6sn7's though.SQ77 - Insightful about th... 
Cary sli-80 power cord
I have Kimber PK10's that do a good job on my AES Six Pac amps. 
Best power cord: PC, AMP or CDP
From the wall to the conditioner............ 
New Speaker Cables for Merlin MME
Besides the Audience, TG Audio silver work well. Also, Audio Note Lexus would be good. 
Smooth sounding copper IC like Kubala Sosna
Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference 
creek classic 5350se
I do not know the Harbeth but did own the Creek. It is on the darker side, preferably matched with detailed speakers that have PRAT. Great amp. I matched it with Epos M12's. 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Ted Nugent....Stranglehold is one that comes to mind. Sooo many others though.... 
Quick poll How long have you been in this hobby?
10 years........ 
Sansui TU-717 tuner schematics?
You can also ask the question over on if you wish. It is a great site for information on such gear.There are members who also sell parts, etc. 
Monitor speaker that will stop the Quest?
Need help with IC upgrade Cardas Golden Cross
I think the Audience AU24 might be one to try... 
the greatest pop song ever?
Billie Jean............. 
Merlins & Speaker Wire
My system is all tubes so...........I use TG Audio silver speaker wire with great success. I thought in my system it was better than Golden Reference and Audience AU24. YMMV. Depends if your rig is SS or tubes...... 
Hands Down Better than the Stingray?
With that budget, why just an integrated?You can get AES Six Pacs used for $1650 or so and a grand will get you a good pre. I have a Belles 21A pre to go with my Six Pac Monos and the sound is great with my Merlin MX's. More versatile too.