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I rather thought our most prolific and obtuse poster on this forum pretty much had cornered the market on this sort of snake oil, but then PWB Electronics emerged into my world today.  I am apt to think the whole website is a hoax, but then our man seems to make bank on selling the same sort of hookum, with virtually 100% happy customers.  I will let you decide the efficacy of their product line.  Checking out their price list is the easiest way to get to the bottom line.
Reading the article and your post reminded me of the Who's 'Won't Get Foiled Again'.  Just foiling with you.  A friend came over wanted to duel with foils, that foiled me.  Apologies to all.  This was not meant to upset, disturb or otherwise offend anyone, especially PWB.  It is a New year.  Hear for the music, now gone to listen.
My favorite rock song by far is The Who's "Don't Get Fooled Again" and you cleverly riffed on it.  You are a very witty guy.  
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Actually many PWB products are inexpensive. Almost all of them - all 40 or so of them, - are only moderately expensive. Not only that but samples of Cream Electret and Silver Rainbow Foil are free for the asking. Are you man enough? 
"Recognising that the ‘good old’ phono socket is inevitably in decline, in a world of HDMI and USB communications, I was utterly thrilled when I learnt that PWB were experimenting with USB devices, which might do for computers what the Digiplus did for audio equipment (and TVs for that matter); thatwas just the start. When I received my PWB USB device, I was surprised to see that it took the form of a treated Memory Stick. Perhaps there was no major surprise there, as I thought that would be one of the safest items to plug into a USB socket without disturbing the system. But I was then informed that it was possible for music files to be treated as they were copied over to the Memory Stick, such that when they were copied back, they would have had the benefit of some PWB ‘treatment’. You can just imagine the ‘1’s and ‘0’s brigade convulsing at that very thought. Nothing else would change, though clearly some energy would be expended in the process. Now due to my inherent laziness, I found this a very appealing idea – treating a file with the click of a few buttons..."
Can you fool some of the people all of the time?
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I guess I will take the taunt, "man up", and order their free samples, after which I will report back my observations.   However, I must do this surreptitiously as my most sensible audio friends still rib me years after my foolish trials of pricey bricks to place on my electronics, silly cavitated dots affixed around my room, and -- the worst of all, the $150 fuses than needed to inserted in the proper manner for optimum results.  All were a total bust.  
Ok, G, placed an order for the PWB foil and cream. Whitestix thanks for your second post, inspired me to give PWB a try. No foiling, really.
Yeah, I did too.  GK got to me on this particular tweak.   My impressions of these tweaks, and hopefully yours, will be shared on this thread.  
The Belts have been doing their thing for awhile.

I didn’t hear anything different with the magic foil, years ago. The other free tweaks didn’t improve anything either.

Perhaps my hearing isn’t sensitive enough? I squinted my eyes, closed them, leaned forward- nothing.

I dont think they would continue supporting their website if no one was hearing these improvements? If anyone does hear these improvements, I’m envious, since I can’t hear them.

These guys give free samples also.

I did more squinting, but still no difference in sonics?
Did someone get sucked into the Vortex of Evil regarding the free tweaks from PWB? 😩