Review: Tritium Electronics: UHV Reference Interconnects - Platinum Interconnect

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Wow!.. Tritium's Ultra High Velocity (UHV) Platinum Interconnects (IC's) are absolutely unbelievable.. to say the least. I cannot express enough in words.

Do you want a major brand name or do you want to hear the music as it was intended to be heard??

I have found no cable that can match or come close to the Tritium UHV Reference Platinum IC's.. yes, real 99.99% Platinum wire is used to conduct signals. Not to mention overall solid shielded construction. These cables look absolutely cool!.. they mean business.

No networks - why need them, they roll-off frequencies and take out a bit of the ambience and spatial detail that is essential to the truth of the music.

Previously I was a big fan of (& had installed in my system) Transparent Reference with XL Balanced and MIT Oracle V2.0 IC's.. these are now all out the door. All of my IC's are now Tritium UHV Reference Platinums.

My friends and I still cannot believe the amazing dynamics, detail, perfect tonal balance (especially with vocals), BASS response is very fast, tight and controlled, sound stage depth, imaging is perfect, 3D or holographic sound at times (depending on recording). Frequency range and resolution is phenominal.

This is the closest to the clarity of live music you can get without going out.

I play (mostly on vinyl) Jazz, Acid-Jazz, Cuban Jazz, Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop & House music. Almost the full spectrum!

It gets better, I have only had these cables for over a week. My system and the cables are still adjusting, I cannot imagine what it would be like in a month's time.

Go to There is a 90day money back guarantee.. speak to Mike, he is a great guy to work with and will look after you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions & no, I don't work on comission. Only when credit is due do I review something worthwhile.

James (a.k.a JFunky7)

Associated gear
JM Lab Utopia Speakers.
Gryphon S100 power amp.
Gryphon Bel Canto pre-amp.
Mark Levinson 390s CD player.
Aura Turntable.
Koetsu Urushi cartridge.
Modified Rega RB300 arm - internal wiring changed to hi-end Litz, Expressimo Heavy weight, Expressimo End stub, VTA adjustable.
2 x DBA Electronics custom made power filters.
Tritium Electronics Level 60.0 AC Power Triphazer.
Tritium Electronics Level 25.0 Line Triphazer.
Transparent Reference XL (MM Technology) Speaker Cables.
Transparent Power link plus power cords.

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I just got a chance to try some out myself.
You are right - they are amazing.
I've owned some excellent and very expensive cables, but I never dreamed a cable to elevate my system to this degree.

Highly recommended.

PS: They are hand made, and the build quality is superb.