Purpose Built & Sold Sound Absorption Drapes & Curtains?

In various forums, I've read many suggestions about installing window coverings for acoustic purposes. A heavy wight fabric such as velvet has been mentioned. Creating pleats to increase the surface area has also been mentioned. These recommendations seem quite reasonable.

However, is anyone aware of drapes or curtains fabricated specifically for the purpose of audio sound absorption? I've seen information about products being sold to reduce sound, but have not found any fabric or drapes manufactured specifically for sound absorption; especially a product whose NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) or SAA (Sound Absorption Average) have been posted following an independent lab's testing?

Of course most any fabric or material will have a sound dampening effect and could be sold for that purpose. However, for audio, I would like to have a clue about performance. That is, the amount of dampening that the material provides across a range of specific frequencies.

Any help or experience with this sort of purchase or product would be appreciated.
Well, for curtains, I strongly suggest you listen to them. :)

No, really, put your ear up to them and as you get closer you'll hear them get very quiet. You can try this at home with materials you have now. A comforter, pillor or curtain. You'll hear marked differences.

Of course, thicker, and lined tend to work best.


You can get purpose made curtains that have a vinyl liner.

Vinyl - i.e. the flexible variety, is extremely good as absorbing sound

I had a window behind the listening postion at my last house and a simple vinyl roller blind instlled at ceiling height cured most issues.

What surprised me is it only needed to be extended about 18" from the ceiling.

I also tried one behind the speakers, but it made no improvement

The effectvieness was later confirmed when I assisted a friend with echo issues at his condo - it was all concrete and had 12 ft ceilings.

We found that in his case a curtain 24" high, placed at ceiling height remedied most issues - in his case he reqired 2-3 curtains at different locations.


Be aware - they are heavier than normal drapes and reqire a more sunstantial support system

Hope that helps - Steve

Drapes would not dampen frequencies that can easily pass thru them IMHO.  Stand behind the drapes while playing music - all sound you hear won't be dampen.  Most likely you need very heavy acoustic curtains to have any effect.
Thanks for the replies.  Prior to posting this, I found nothing based on my searches that would perform acoustically across the audio spectrum like a sound absorbing panel would.  A professional in the acoustics business advised that my findings were correct.  He knew of no fabric designs that would do anything but act as sound reducer over a limited frequency range.  That is, he knew of fabrics made to cover openings such as doors or windows to reduce/impede sound travel, but not do what I was hoping.  So, the drapery idea is off the table.  But thanks for the help.