Primaluna Dialogue Premium vs VPI 299D?

I am currently a satisfied Primaluna Prologue Premium integrated owner, but  as I really like acoustic, jazz, and more intimate sounding music just as much as I like rock, indie, soul and electronic I am considering upgrading to an integrated that has the ability to operate in triode mode and I’ve come across the opportunity to get a VPI 299D at a decent price. Does anyone have any experience on the sonic and quality differences between the Dialogue Premium integrated and the VPI 299D? Any strong opinions on whether I should stick to Primaluma?

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I don't know about it's sound, but I sure like the aesthetics of the VPI---like the Marantz Model 7 pre-amp.
 The PL Dialogue Premium operates in both triode and ultralinear mode by flipping the switch on the left side? I have never heard the VPI but the PL is very versatile by swapping out multiple types of power tubes and 12AU7. 
@samzx12 The VPI operates in a similar fashion, with the ability to switch between triode and UL mode. They also carry a similar tube setup. Differences are:

Primaluna Dialogue Differentiators
* Home Theater source input allows for receivers with line outs to come into the amp as a source and bypasses the PL's volume settings.
* Has a pre-out for subs
* Has adaptive autobias (which is both good and bad in my opinion as I've had a few hotter tubes trigger warnings when I don't think they really should)

VPI 299D Differentiators
* Uses a tube rectifier (where PL's is solid state)
* Has independent bias switches and meter to measure tubes
* Is more point-to-point wiring than the PL (PL uses more circuit boards)
* Has bass and treble controls (can also be good or bad depending on how much of a purist the listener is)

I did end up swinging for the 299D since I didn't want to pass up on the opportunity, but I'd still like to hear from those who might have compared the two as I have an opportunity to return the 299D if I am not fully satisfied. I will also report back in a week or so if nobody else is able to chime in.
Hi everyone. Another 299D owner, or "1 of the 100" as we might indeed be referred to. Absolutely loving this amp and still baffled how these aren't already sold out and are being discounted by a few dealers now, which is how I got to own mine. I was told by my dealer that it's probably a perception issue with a turntable manufacturer suddenly doing an ultra limited edition tube amp out of the blue. However I think those reservations would disappear fast if the limited production numbers weren't so low and more folks had the chance to audition its remarkable sonics. As to whether it's better than the Dialogue I couldn't comment, however I would concur with the benefits thiefoflight highlights as also being major reasons for my purchasing decision. As far as the tone controls go, I was tempted to use them in the very earliest stages of run in, but since then haven't felt the slightest need to make any tweaks. Anyway, like the rest of the amp's impeccable build, they are well conceived and afford a subtle voicing change if desired. 
Well, I've had the VPI 299D for two weeks now, and it has been an interesting time so far. I can't say that it completely blew me away compared to the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium, but it is definitely impressive and I am much happier with the 299D.

It was tough to get here as I did much exploration with cabling and tubes to get a certain synergy with the PrimaLuna, and replacing it with the 299D removed the synergy. But one thing I did realize quickly between the two amps is that with the PrimaLuna, it sounded best cranked up, but it was also fatiguing over time. With the 299D, it sounds great at any level, and it is rarely fatiguing. The ability to switch between ultralinear mode and triode mode for different types of music and different times of day is particularly beneficial.

In the two weeks, I did change out the driver tubes to psvane 12au7 tubes that I previously bought for the PrimaLuna, and this added the top end detail I expected it to in the 299D as it did for the PrimaLuna. I did let the stock EL34, which have an amazing fluidity to them, break in a while, but then I experimented with psvane KT-88 TII, which added too much bass slam and sparkle and too much of a departure from the beautiful mids of the EL34. Tonight, I put in KT-150s, and they are a fantastic, well-balanced tube from bottom to top. I can't wait for them to break in more. I also do have the psvane 6CA7 TII coming back to me in a few weeks, which were my favorite output tubes in the PrimaLuna (I never had the KT-150 in the PrimaLuna) and will A/B them with the 299D.

I do feel that I've gotten back to the synergy I had before, but the performance and sound quality is just on another level. There's just something about the transients, the air, and certainty in the music coming out of the 299D that just makes it feel more natural. It is just more refined, whereas the PrimaLuna felt like it was pumping music out more even when it didn't need to. The PrimaLuna ProLogue is just so much more in your face, and there's no real escaping it, and turning it down makes it feel like there's something lacking.

So to make a long story short, I think the VPI 299D is a fantastic addition.