Pimping your router

1. Use a wired router only
2. If wireless router is needed, separate router for wifi
3. only streamer, NOTHING ELSE connected 
4. use LPS to feed router
5. use shortest possible quality cable to streamer
6. use Acoustic Revive RLT-1 filter on spare router or streamer port
7. wrap router and LPS in EMI/RFI shielding material
8. use EMO EN70-HD filter near streamer for ethernet connection
9. use quality shielded cable between router and internet access point

All of these will individually improve your streaming SQ, in aggregate the effect is significant
Enjoy the music


...while I originally used the Acoustic Revive RLT1 filter on my streamer and then Etherregen, I have now moved it to the Draytek Vigor 2860 router, i.e. right at the entry point of public ADSL. The resultant clean up of soundstage, insteument timbre, attack and decay is simply unbelievable. Very highly recommended.

I will end up moving things around a little when the SmoothLan arrives:

- Acoustic Revive RLI-1GB-Triple C LAN Isolator between router and first network switch

Need to install a 30 feet length of ethernet cable (probably Supra Cat8). Then...

- Pink Faun LAN Isolator from wall ethernet outlet to 2nd network switch

- Stack Audio SmoothLan between 2nd network switch and streamer 



have a look at Zoerax Cat8 on Aliexpress. I used Onti Cat8 originally and had to switch to it when Onti was discontinued. Great cables, both.


The antenna geometry determines the shape of the equal power boundaries. Obviously router specific. They are generally designed for max signal at same level as receiver. 

‘mostly below’ is an inaccurate generalization—if its actually true for any router. 


Sorry for the delayed response.

I have the Stack Audio SmoothLan in. But cancelled my Qobuz subscription of the summer. Will reactivate that in March, and evaluate the SmoothLan then.