phono cable

Hi All,

I have a VPI Scout TT w/Dynavector Karat cart. going into a Rogue Audio Stealth phono stage.

- I have 2 cable options right now to use (tonearm is terminated to RCA)

1) Analysis Plus Crystal Oval -- 1m RCA to RCA
2) Van Den Hul -- the FIRST -- 1m RCA to RCA

Neither of these cables are "phono" cables, Analysis Plus does make a phono cable.

finally the questions:

Should I get a phono cable or will one of these be adequate?


Are there any legite DIYs for phono cables?

Rob, your VPI tonearm is wired with Discovery tonearm wire, why not add Discovery interconnects to your short list. They allow for home auditions and you may be supprised.
I'd just try both that you have. Listen to them for several hours (or week or two) before you make a decision. Cables can settle down and smooth out (for the better usually) after some music flows through them.

Then I'd try something purpose made, and check on the difference. The discovery offer above is a good choice.

I've had 3 different phono cables, all made a difference. I did prefer one over the other 2.

Let your ears make the call!
Harry at VPI has been using Joe from Discovery Cable wires in his tonearms for years.

This (Below)is the same as the Vpi Phono Cable, minus the outer jacket (which probably hides the Discovery name on the cable).

This (Below) Cable although has better Rhodium Rca Connections.

Do a search on Discovery within these Threads, & you will find nothing but Praises.

The only thing different between a standard interconnect, & Phono leads have exterior ground leads.

Ask yourself wouldn't it make more sense to continue the cable trail to your preamp with the same Discovey cable in the tonearm???

Good Luck!
Thanks for the responses. I am looking into Discovery cables. I'm wondering if the Discovery Essense cable would work as as well and is there a way to just add the ground leads without opening the cable since it is exterior?

Ultimately when I get the essense cable in I'll try all cables to see the different effect