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The two Modwright Integrated amps.
I had a chance to hear it with 2 friends playing vinyl for a few hours on March 1st when Dan was demonstrating it at VPI. It had us all drooling as it was sensational. It’s basically a KWA150SE without the fancy heavy plate aluminum casework on ST... 
How to remove Sorbothane feet stacking marks.
Actually the Rubber/Cork squares are used on wooden pallets while trucks are transposing HVAC equipment. As are the Rubber/Blue Foam ones.  
How to remove Sorbothane feet stacking marks.
Well it's another oil so that makes sense. Mineral oil is however scent free.  
Extremely hyped omni directionals introduced Munich 2018
Well they sound kinda okay on YouTube ;0)~ Not sure about the WAF on these especially if your significant other finds out you spent over $45K on these? Seems like they just use production SB Acoustic Satori series mid-woofers in a sealed C-Clamp ... 
Extremely hyped omni directionals introduced Munich 2018
The SB Acoustics Satori series drivers are sensational in a traditional speaker build... Not sure I’d enjoy them firing into a glamorized sewage pipe? Omnidirectional designs date back to the 1960’s and I’ve heard my share. They are fun like a mop... 
Low Watt Solid State Amp
As another in the "I am a tube guy" camp here’s a few that haven’t been mentioned. The Akitika GT-101 LM3886 Gainclone kit amplifier rated a 50wpc @ 8 ohms is a bang for the buck if you add a couple hundred dollars to upgrade most parts as you bui... 
Does anyone remember the phone call listening room inmprovement scam?
mofimadness, Thanks so much for the link! :) 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
Jax2, Thanx as I was reading along and was wondering how the Shill Plug for RWA came into play in this discussion? Good detective work on your part, and for out'g Jwarmbrand, as it was just Too Funny seeing all 14 of his tread posts being nothing ... 
IEC inlet socket
Most of the aftermarket IEC's by Furutech or Wattgate are extremely thight. I wouldn't wrap any electrical tape as mentioned above to create a snugger fit... as your only asking for trouble when you try to remove the PC. 
Question on Accustic Arts Drive I mk2
Not sure about the display lights but the remote may have a dimmer. You should always have your entire system powered down when changing IC's or PC's. If you want to do it on the fly make sure your Preamp is on mute or off. As far as the power iss... 
Merrill tables
I heard the TT at the Montreal show 2007 with a Tri-Planer Mk-7 and really enjoyed my time in the room. I thought it was a $12K TT I was listening to? A price rollback from $9500 to $5995 retail sounds like a smashing bargain as it's light years a... 
Shorting plugs....
(Oops just noticed your question was for XLR, but I'll leave my response up for any RCA owners that want a cheap tweek?)Prior to actually buying some...I'm sure you have a box in your closet full of dozens of cheap generic RCA IC's that come with ... 
Dehavilland Mercury tube swaps
You can also try rolling the two 85 triode tube with some vintage RCA's, which are very affordable if you can locate a matched pair? There's a single tube on EBay for $7.65 cheap fun! 
ICE amps need cooling?
ICE module amps even 1,000 watts into 4 Ohms only get warm to the touch. My amps are on 24/7 as at idle they only draw 1/4 the power of a Light Bulb. 
Blowing Fuses
Is the amp pluged right into the wall? As if so you might want to try a voltage regulating power conditioner prior to paying for an un-needed service bill.