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Tri-Planar grounding question...
There is a small screw on the base of the arm that goes through a small flat washer which acts to ground the arm and wire shield and also as astrain relief andsecuring screw for the cables leading to the preamp. 
Turntable interconnects.
You might try some Discovery interconnects as this is what the VPI tonearm is wired with. It is a wonderful match. 
rewire and cartridge install
Call VPI and speak to Mike Randall. He can help you out. 
Pentagon PS 3 phono preamp settings help
I have a copy of the DIP switch setting for the Pentagon PS-3. What would you like to know or would you want me to copy it and mail it to you. 
RB300 binding in horizontal movement
I believe the problem is with the anti-skate. On the RB 300 a magnet is used for this purpose, amd I have seen many Regas have this problem. Most people believe it's the rewiring job, but it's the magnet in the post of the arm and in the slide whe... 
VPI Scoutmaster - Rubber Washer
If you are using the screw down clamp (as well as the periphery ring) then you still should use thye washer. The dishing is caused only at the center of the record being pushed downward. I hope this makes sense. 
Basis Turntable site?????????????exist or ?
www.basisaudio.com should get you there. 
How long can you go with a phono cable?
The industry standard is 1.25 meters in length, although we have made cables up to 2 meters in length that have worked very well in this application. As a matter of fact we once had a gentleman who needed a 3 meter run and we were just as supprise... 
Balanced- single ended
It all depends on the configuration of your equipment. You must determine if pin 2 or pin 3 is the positive. Then the XLR to RCA cable can be made. It will use the phase correct (positive) signal and positive on the single ended side and shunt the... 
Pass Labs X150 or Pass Labs X250
Without a doubt the X-250 sounds better then the X-150. I used both several years ago with Verity Parsifal speakers and the 250 did a much better job. 
turntable upgrade VPI or CLEARAUDIO?
Before jumping into another turntable, check the speed of yours with a disk and strobe. Maybe all that is needed is a speed control devise. A record that is off in speed will exhibit the sounds you hear, also cables will impart the sounds you hear... 
help hot-wiring RB300
The colors mentioned are what was available at the time (1994-1995) as the ad states. This is old stuff. I believe all the wires were singles runs, as now they are all twisted together.I don't believe two feet is enough if you intend to run direct... 
Discovery 1-2-3 or Essential speaker cable
Why not e-mail me and I will send you a pair to audition and then you can decide for yourself, and not take someone else's advice. 
phono cable
Rob, your VPI tonearm is wired with Discovery tonearm wire, why not add Discovery interconnects to your short list. They allow for home auditions and you may be supprised. 
Cables with VPI Scout
Your VPI tonearm is wired with Discovery, and yes They supply interconnects made from the same tonearm wire, but if you would like to stay with the same tonal balance, then why not investigate interconnects from the people who supply the tonearm w...