Paul McGowan's (PS Audio) autobiography -- "99% True" now available for $4.99 on Kindle

I have no doubt that this will be very interesting read!  
99% True is finally ready to ship

Have you ever taken a long journey and been just a little disappointed when you finally got to where you were going?

I am reminded that often the journey's more important than the final stop.

Today, June 4th, the long two-year journey of writing and publishing my first book has finally come to an end.

I promised I would do something for you on the book's launch, and here it is. For one week only, I have cut the price of the Kindle version in half, from $9.99 to $4.99.

If you haven't yet ordered your copy of my crazy life story (and gotten the inside scoop of high-end audio as never before told), today is the day to do it.

(Plus, if everyone purchases the book today, we have a chance of getting number one on Amazon's Best Seller list).

Go here to order your copy now. It is available as a Kindle, softback, hardback, and an audiobook.

Have fun, and let me know what you think.

(If you want a personally signed copy of the hardback you can grab one of those before they are gone by going here)

I stayed up very late and read it cover to cover, it was that interesting.  In spite of numerous set backs in his life and career, he continued to press on towards his goal in remarkable fashion.  No bitterness, only joy and a love for his fellow man.  He has a very inspiring story and message of hope.  
downloaded it yesterday....3 books in the cue...looks like I may have to move it up to the top of the pile.
Only three books in the que?   I get Bookbub offerings every day for excellent ebooks for a dollar or two so I have a ton of books in the que.   I shared a bit of Paul travails in my early life and hence the book was very relatable. It is a story of sheer perseverance.  He was fortunate to connect with some titans in the audio world that helped him along the path, who he readily acknowledges.  Finally, he evidently married saint, Teri, who was his anchor through it all.  It is a wonderful story, indeed. 
I got an advance copy of the book and it made me smile, sad, laugh and reflect on my wasted youth.  A great book from a nice guy that puts his customers first.

I finished the book a few days after my last post. This is a really good story with many laugh-out-loud moments. Hard to put down and very insightful into what it takes to make a success of going for it. But it is so much more than that. It’s not all about audio. In fact, It really is quite philosophical with all the emotional weight the human condition demands and deserves. I’d put it up there with ’Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.’ Highly recommended.