Pacific Audio Fest

Just saw that the Pacific Audio Fest is being rescheduled to late July 2022 due to the pandemic
Thanks for posting the update!

I was hoping to go this year so hopefully better luck in 2022

Things are shaping up for a barn-burner of a show at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle, July 29-31! Who’s going?


Pacific Audiofest - Seattle, July 29-31 2022

This will be at the Pacific Audio Fest.

Enleum 23R Integrated Amplifier and Headphone Amp

25WPC, Current-Driven


Jaguar Audio – Room 7115

I’ll be up from California and will be attending with a friend.

I haven’t been to an audio show up there since VSAC circa 2003 and am looking forward to it. 

I think I met Lou at THE Show in Las Vegas around 2014 or so and got to listen to his speakers for the first time then. 

I am planning to attend with a friend who lives in Seattle.


I saw you system and read you posts here. Hopefully we see each other. I would like to meet you and have a chat.

Jim Perry


I'm in on Saturday & bringing a newby co worker looking to experience head-fi products.
I'll be hitting mostly speaker demo's from 
Spatial,Spendor,Salk & several others.

These will be at the Pacific Audio Fest.
Avantgarde Acoustic - Zero 1 TA Floorstanding Speakers
104dB/watt, Powered Subs

Jaguar Audio – Room 7115

We will be in the Olympic 1 room showing our Apollo 9 system. Audio Research is supplying us with a Reference 80S amp, a Reference 6SE Line-Stage and a Reference Phono 3SE Phono Stage. All power filtering is by Chang Lightspeed, DAC is by EMM Labs and music server is by Wolf. The turntable is a VPI direct drive with a Soundsmith cartridge. All cabling is by JPS Labs.

Please stop by and say hello.

This will be at the Pacific Audio Fest.
Phasemation - EA-1200 (Japanese Phono Preamplifier)

Jaguar Audio – Room 7115

It is going to be held at
DoubleTree By Hilton Seattle Airport from July 29th to 31st.

Audiophiles living in Oregon and Idaho are also welcome to be there.

It would be good chance to enjoy premier Dacs like Wadax, DCS, Lamiziator and Ideon.

About three weeks ago, I had chance to listen to Wadax digital stack( full cost 250k$) and blown away by the sound. It it the best dac that I had ever listened.

Also, lot of exquisite speakers like Acapella, Alsyvox, Estelon, Goebel, Von Schwierkert and etc.