Oracle Origine MkII or Music Hall mmf-7.3?

Hi all,
I currently have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC which has been upgraded with a 2M Blue cart and an acrylic platter.Looking to upgrade and dabble in the next level of the world of hi-fi. I was originally considering the mmf-7.3 with the stock 2M Bronze...until today when I was introduced to the Canadian made Origine MkII. I quite like it. I am not interested in the high output moving coil it can come with, would likely pick a 2M Bronze or Nagaoka MP-200.

Has anyone had experience with either/both?
Thanks :D
Will also be upgrading preamp/amp...that's in another thread.
Oracle Audio has been making turntables for decades the Delphi for example in all its updates is one of the long production running "greatest" tables of all time. I've seen the new oracle tables and they are very well built. I have not seen a MMF table though so no direct comparisons. I have owned many oracle tables over the years and they are one of my personal favorites.

 you should also consider used tables? for the money you can get a much better table then both in the used market.  I'd look for a used MK2-4 Delphi in the oracle range.  Mk1's can be had cheep and there are tons of them out there but they are getting a bit older now
With the MMF you’re just getting another ProJect build - and they’ve never really impressed me. My dealer carries ProJect and occasionally has in a mid-line MMF - I’m simply not impressed with the painted MDF planks sandwiching sorbothane dots, and think the ProJect arms feel cheap, etc. Like Glenn says, Oracle has been making quality tables for decades.

Along those lines, I’d also recommend looking at SOTA’s current offerings, though you need to get at least the Sapphire model for a "proper" classic SOTA (and their Star/Nova model above that offers the superb vacuum clamping). Not sure how the Oracle Origine compares to the classic Delphi model, but it looks cool. As with Oracle, lower-priced used and refurbished SOTA units are often available. If well cared for, they can run for decades problem-free.

It seems to me that companies like Oracle and SOTA had a better solution, even way back in the 80s, compared to some of the newer turntable makers. And both companies have more recently been refining the design & materials.
Listen to these guys Brandon this is good advice. Turntables last a long time. A good one can be practically a forever thing. (Mine's over 15 years, don't see it being replaced any time soon, if ever.) Coming from entry level, to just make baby steps, just doesn't make much sense. 

Especially when really good tone arms like Origin Live are even more forever. Good ones you practically have to break em. So think about it. If it was me I'd be going for the best table I could afford, planning a better arm down the road.

There's always a wrinkle though. Soundsmith makes awesome moving iron cartridges, and with a unique 20% rebuild cost they can be close to forever. The advantage there is you get a huge immediate improvement. Normally do the table and arm, because they last, and cartridges are considered expendable wear items. With Soundsmith you can reasonably look at it a little different.

DYODD. Always.
Thanks to all! I am almost positive I'll be going with the Oracle now.  I have a feeling that similar to my Debut Carbon, the 7.3 will be good, but not astonishing.

I'll look into the other suggestions given too. I know SOTA is way out of my price range though...I can't see myself ever spending more than $10K on speakers, pre/power amp and turntable combined.

Thanks :)