Is Oracle a copycat of Win Lab TT ?

I was told that Oracle copied Win Lab design and made it better. Is that true ?
I doubt is, Oracle has been around for a long long time. Granted they have gone through some owership changes in the past. Oracle is a customer of mine and I know Jacques Riendeau reasonably well, I'm pretty certain the original Delphi design was dreamed up by Jacques.I don't know about the Alexandria or Paris they used to sell, but both of those tables are a little more conservative in looks than the Delphi. Oracle turntables are, IMHO, terrifc turntables and certainly worth owning. My Delphi IV and Alexandria are great sounding tables, and visually stunning. Rgds, Jeff
how old is the win 'table? the 1st oracle 'table came out ~1980... as far as making it better, the oracle has gone thru 5 iterations, so far... doug
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