Opinions before purchasing

I've done a bunch of research on this sub and others and am starting to solidify my first real stereo system. I've used a 60 inch TV and very basic soundbar for years now and I'm moving to a 120" X3000i projector and real sound system. Room setup is 12x12, closed basement room. Going to mainly utilize the projector for movies/shows with some gaming thrown in there off a PC.


I've already purchased the Denon S760H since it seems to be able to do most things that I'll need and has some nice features and everyone loves it.


Currently debating between bookshelves/sub and towers/no sub, specifically between Airmotiv B1+ and a Speedwoofer sub or Airmotiv T1+ towers without sub. I've been happy with the soun bar for years and I tend to not like loud sub noises anywyas (spent enough time in Iraq and Afghanistan around loud noises), so I feel like I may not miss it? Room is also relatively small so a lot of power isn't needed. Either way I would go with the Airmotiv C1+ for center channel as well. Will probably stay at a 3.0 or 3.1 system for now and upgrade later.


Curious on everyone's thoughts here about the bookshelf/sub, towers/no sub decision and choices of equipment as well. Trying to stay around the 1000-1500 total budget range. Thanks for the help!


A room that size, all you need is SONOS Bar on wall and SONOS Sub. Why clutter the space with bulky speakers/electronics. I have been using a SONOS soundbar / sub (3.1) for 10 plus years in a similar space for movies and music. Never felt the need to upgrade or anything else. Sonos Truplay software optimizes the sound to the nth degree. A well integrated sub makes all the difference, bass to music is like meat on the bones. Once you got it dialed in you won’t be able localize the bass.

SONOS is not cheap but everything else in their price range or lower pales in comparison.

Subs can never achieve this (even expensive ones such REL since drivers are too slowly).

@kiterlux what does ^this^ mean?

>this< means: ....achieve

1st: the bass reproduction a 2nd and eventually (as I have it) 3rd pair of speakers only can do...and

2nd: bass reproduction in time/in line with the stereo pair

both in conjunction with the processor Denon S760H.


This 2nd bass reproduction system is mainly for music, not for HT. But you can use it as well for it. Brings in both cases the beef to the sound.

You need to manage that 2nd bass reproduction system entirely by center channel signal which needs to be send by Y-cable to two dedicated amps. The HT-amp is switched off while listening music in the 3-channel stereo mode of processor. While watching HT all is normal, signal routing as usual using the other amp.

Delay requirements of that 2nd bass reproduction system you manage by minidsp2x4HD.



For the money, I would look at the following.....and you should be able to test drive all of them without much trouble. Pricing is per pair.

(1) Polk Audio Reserve line (R200, R500, R600, and R700)

(2) Triangle Borea line (BR02 $600, BR03a $800, and BR08 $1,200)

(3) Elac line (DB 2.0 B63 $800, DB 2.0 B63 F6.2 $1.150)