New Synergistic Master Fuse

New From VH Audio,

Synergistic Master Fuse cost $595.00

I'll stick with Orange Fuses.


There are so many high end and very often super expensive fuses out now and it's so difficult to actually compare them unless you want to spend a boatload of money and then hope to sell the ones that don't synergize with one's system

You have the:

-Synergistic Research Master and Pink fuses.

-Telos Audio Design Quantum X2.

-Acme Audio CFC Silver Cryo fuses (cheap and effective).

-Audio Magic Masterpiece M2.

-Alan Maher Designs Fourier.

-The various QSA fuses up to their ultra expensive Gold fuse.

-The HiFi Tuning Supreme Diamond Silver fuse.

-Wilmer Red, Black, and Blue Knight fuses (cheaper than all but the Acmes).

-Verictum X and X2 fuses.


I'm probably forgetting some. All but the Acme and Wilmer Knight fuses cost over $100 each, the Alan Maher and Synergistic Pink $250, the Audio Magic M2 $300, The Synergistic Maser $600, and the QSA's up to several thousand dollars (there's no material beneficial to a fuse that should cost thousands even if you fill it with holey graphene, borophene, and 99.9% pure lab grade quartz). Imagine wanting to compare the lot of these then waiting to sell off the ones that didn't work as well.

At least Synergistic has a money back trial period, but I really wish they didn't have the "new more expensive fuse every year" model. I liked the Alan Maher $100 fuse from 4-5 years ago enough to upgrade to his Fourier fuse in a some items that could use it (two power conditioners) and aren't sensitive to creating blown fuses. I had an amp in my entertainment center setup that blew a fuse even connected to an Uninterruptable Power Supply, just because the power went out for a long enough time while it was on, so it's getting the Acme CFC silver cryo fuse and only that, can't afford anything more expensive.


I have a Aries Cerat Kassandra 2 DAC and Lucas Audio LDMS music server with OEM fuses,  The Kassandra requires two fuses and the LDMS requires one.  Has anyone placed a Master fuse in their DAC and Server at the same time?  If you were to place in one component or the other, is it the DAC or Server?  

Now thinking new Synergistic Research 

Pink Fuse for Schiit Biifrost 2 slow blown

1.25 inch .05 amp

Anyone have a 2 amp purple that you want to sell on your journey to meet the master?