New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!

Does anyone know anything about these speakers?
just launched last week.
only 2500 made. $7000 or so in US.
Looks like an old Contour, but has all the components of the Confidence.
sounds like the ultimate monitor.

I have Special 40s and now am envious..😉

anyone hear anything?


Congrats @ianrmack! Loving my pair of these and I hope you do, too. 

Also, fwiw, from what I can tell our ol' pal Steve didn't actually sell his Heritage Specials. According to his most recent review, he's now got three systems he'll keep "forever", including the HS, the La Scala and his newest obsession, the Fleetwood Deville.

I have no idea what he'll be claiming next month, but I do know that my HS will be with me for a long, long time. 


I am in the middle of doing a 60 day comparison of Dyn Heritage Specials with my Dyn Special 40s.I own both so not doing a dealer audition.

My initial observation: DHSs are an "audiophile speaker" while the S40s are a "music lovers speaker".


S40's replace Focus 140s in the kitchen/fam room driven by Cambridge CXA-81.

DHS in my basement office (9'x15') driven by: Belles Aria Sig/Denafrips Pontus II/Bluesound Node and Teddy Pardo LPs

@ianrmack Great to hear you are enjoying both. Years ago I owned two different pair of the Contour S 1.4. The HS and S40 have both been on my short list to be driven by CODA CSX and CODA pre. 

Look forward to your next update.😉

My initial observation: DHSs are an "audiophile speaker" while the S40s are a "music lovers speaker".

Audiophiles don't love music???

Love my Heritage Specials! My newly aquired Luxman L-509x is a great sonic match with them.


Looking great Beatlebum! The Heritage Specials look good. The Luxman L-509X looks good too. I have the Luxman L-590AXII with Marten Duke 2 and they both go very well together.



Sorry, no pictures of the Heritage Specials. 😁

those Luxman units really are eye candy :)


@tom6897, it's interesting you mention CODA...I should be getting a CODA integrated around March/April, if you're interested I can pass along my thoughts after hearing the combo. 

@samgupta101 sure! I would like to know what you think about the CODA. I have been enjoying my CODA system for the last five plus years. I hardly ever think about upgrading the CSX amp, it is that good, but still enjoy looking from time time.

@tom6897 -- sounds good I'll let you know how the CODA integrated pairs with the HS speakers.  It's great to know you have been really happy with your CODA setup and that's it's been in place for so many years.  I'm hoping this will be an endgame piece for me :)

Getting to this thread late. That somebody can compare these Heritage specials to the Confidence 3's is both great to hear and high praise! Having started with Contour 1.8's, then 2.8's - which had the Confidence Esotar tweeter - the sonic value of their upscale tweeter was so obvious. I picked up a pair of Confidence 3's and, ohmystarsandgarters!, the relaxed precision, imaging, detail and tonal density was gobsmacking. Loading them up with a lot of juice - current and power - using a Plinius SA201 let them sing at any volume. Never would have sold them except that a financial downturn made it necessary.

I've been rebuilding and swimming in the warm sea of tube powered more efficient speakers with Leben/Devore and now Tannoy, but have such inviting musical journey memories with the Danes that I'm now tempted back! I still have the stands I made for the Confidence 3's! Finding a good pair of them is challenging, but these Heritage are calling me!

The CODA amps have the current and pedigree - my memory of the Plinius and Threshold house sounds being familiar. I'm plotting a course to the Dynaudio's using Simaudio ( maybe a W5.3?) and Supratek (soft spot for octals/6sn7's especially).

Does anyone here have any experience pairing Dynaudio with Simaudio?

@budburma It's been years ago, but prior to turning into a Harbeth lemming, I had Dynaudio C4's and tried Simaudio W6 mono blocks, thinking it would be a synergistic pairing.  I found the W6's to be a big disappointment and sold them within a week of buying them.   The best SS amp I used with Dyn's was a Plinius SA-102, heavily biased in class A.

@pdreher Hi there! We've touched base in the past over Plinius (among other things). Thanks for sharing that experience with Simaudio. FWIW, A class AB Plinius SA-201 powered my Contour 2.8's and Confidence 3's and sounded amazing - I had a series of tube pres, but ended up with a Klyne 7 series with phono. Full on class A was too hot to handle, so the other SA series amps couldn't live here. Plinius and Dynaudio are definitely a stellar pairing

@tom6897 hope all is well on your side!  I have been listening to the CODA with the Heritage Specials.  The comb is pretty stellar.  I find that there is a ton of bass and I'm having to play with the positioning of the HS relative to the back wall to properly dial in things.  But there is certainly enough power in the CODA integrated to play whatever you want in this pairing, and the HS provides an impressively wide soundstage.


Glad this came up again.  I purchased the Heritage Specials and love them. I had the original Totem 1 for 20 years and these are the Totem 1’s times 10. Dynaudio hit it out of the park.  These are an absolute bargain.  Furthermore, I’m over listening to all the talk about needing enough power to drive these speakers.  Mine are just fine being driven by an ARC VSi75.  Mine came with Dynaudio stand 20.  If you don’t have a mansion sized room,  these are incredible.

Have a pair of HS driven by a CODA CSIB and the pairing is sublime. Cavernous soundstage depth if you pull the speakers out into the room. They do benefit from the CODAs current for dynamic bass impact. Absolute necessity to have them bolted to the Stand 20s IMHO. 

I had the original Totem 1 for 20 years and these are the Totem 1’s times 10.


I tried the Totem Model 1 in my system for a brief period many years ago and thought they are average, not spectacular. It's a fun and bouncy type of sound but not very refined. There is a certain edginess in the midrange and treble.