New Album from The Cars "Move Like This"

HD Tracks has the new Cars album....excellent, very tight. It's been a really long time since I heard a new rock-n-roll album I really liked....sounds just like new material from 1979. Love it.
It's on my listen to list but haven't yet.

The Cars do not get the level of respect they deserve. They really were a major factor in tilting the rock music landscape in a different direction back in the late 70's and into the 80's, at least in the college music scene of the time. Plus the sound quality on their debut album when it came out was killer for the time compared to most of teh competition. There was no album during that time that got more airplay in college dorms and events. It was fresh and catchy! PLus they are a group whose catalog I can still listen to regularly and enjoy.

Ric Ocasek is married to an incredibly hot model named Paulina Porizkova (sic?). They used to hang out at an Italian restaurant near me in the East Village. One look at him and one look at her....and you knew that being a rock star is a great thing!


The music's fun, too.

So insurance underwriting isn't going to get me an incredibly hot model? Where were you 30 years ago when I needed that advice?
The first three albums hold up very well and still sound great. For me, Candy-O is their masterpiece. I heard that a new album was coming out, and I will try to take it for what it is, but I won't expect it to be the same without Benjamin Orr. I really felt the loss when he died.
They have a lot of talent, and Elliot Easton is still one of my favorite guitarists. It's not the seventies anymore, but they might still have something interesting to say.
Move Like This is great, one of the more enjoyable discs I've picked up in quite some time. Highly recommended!!!


So insurance underwriting isn't going to get me an incredibly hot model? Where were you 30 years ago when I needed that advice? "

In business school. Nothing turns a hot chick on like discounting cash flows!
It's just great to have some new material from Ric and the boys. It' a little strange having Ric sing every song on the album so obviously Ben is sorely missed. No, the record is not quite to the same level as the original classic Cars albums, but how could it be? Still, it is a lot better than many of the other so called long awaited comeback records that have been released lately. A lot of people dismiss the cars music as over simplistic, but these people miss the point. The simplicity is completely intentional, and besides I think a lot of people would be surprised how difficult it is to write good coherent simple songs. I have been a huge Cars fan from the very beginning and I would agree with a previous post that Candy-O is their masterpiece, but of course the debut is an all time classic and Heartbeat City doesn't have anything resembling a weak track on it. Panorama, their third LP is arguably not their best effort but still remains one of my favourites.
I read an interview with Paulina and she said she was sick of pretty boys she did shoots with; no attraction. I guess that explains her choice of a goofy looking rich rocker like Ric Ocasick. Since we're on this side topic, the same can be said for J Lo's husband Marc Anthony; butt ugly!
Panorama is my favorite The Cars album. Their first two recordings were filled with catchy tunes that went down like a shot of smooth Boubon,easy on the ears. But Panorama was different,it took some time for that album to settle in on me which strangely was what i was hoping for. Sometimes we like our music to challenge us,to take us musicaly where we haven't been before.