need tube tester in tampabay area

I just acquired a box of tubes at a garage sale .
I need someone who can advise me as to their condition .

Thank you
in my area i can often find them advertised on craigslist and sometimes more than few to choose from.
PM bigshutterbug here on AGon. He's a friend of mine and a very nice person. He does tube testing at a very reasonable rate. He's in Polk County.
many guitar shops testing tubes as well for little $ instead of purchasing the whole thingie unless you're willing to do some tech jobs on tube amps.
My mistake on the caption here .
I don't want a machine . Looking for someone to do the actual testing for me .
If you're willing to drive to Sarasota, I know who has one. VAC moved there a few years ago. I know they sell tubes and have a tube tester, but I don't know if they will let you test tubes that you didn't get from them. You would have to ask. Unless there's bad traffic, the drive from Tampa should be well under an hour.
My bad. When in doubt best to read op and title. Was going to offer to test your tubes saki70 if you were in New England. Of course I road trip from Florida to CT must seem pretty attractive right about now ;-).
Water freezes now in CT marinias closer to Rhode Island! Welcome to Global Worming LOL!
I have made arrangements with bigshutterbug for next week .
Thank you all for your help .

Zd542 ;
Thank you for the info...I have always admired VAC's gear .
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