Need Advise

I sold a piece of Audio gear on E-Bay. It may not be a problem yet as I am waiting to hear back from the buyer who was pretty upset yesterday that it had not arrived. The buyer paid for USPS ground, which as you know does not provide a tracking option for the package, nor is it the quickest route. He indicated he had just gotten back from europe and the package had not arrived, day 8. I shipped the unit insured from Texas to New York City. As of today it has not arrived, it has been 9 days, seems a bit long. How does one go about filing a shipping claim, when should one determine that enough time has elapsed to do so. Should I immediately refund his MO, or wait to see what happened to the item when USPS tracks it? I am concerned about sending the MO back, as he could then end up with both my gear and the MO. I think most people are honest, but there are exceptions.
Cal. to Ohio where I live is average 8-10 days this is average.
I would think you are about the same. I personally would NOT return money order at this time. I think the buyer is being impatient. 12 days, I would start to wonder, but how would you know if he ever receives it or not. NO TRACKING ?
Got to trust him I guess.
That is my 2 cents worth, If it's worth that.
If you insured the package, someone has to sign for it. That in itself will provide proof of delivery and the date received. If you didn't insure it, you are at the mercy of the individual that you are dealing with and their level of honesty. If you didn't insure it, shame on both of you ( you especially ). Sean
You have to wait 30 days to file a claim. Tell the buyer this is the USPS rule, not yours. Also, I think the ins. claim # gives you tracking ability but not 100% sure.

I've had packages take 3 weeks on domestic shipping so at this point I wouldn't be too concerned.

Ins. claim info
You have to go into the post office and bring the receipt and insurance stub and they will print out who signed for it and when it was delivered ...
Didn't you here about the widespread blackout in the East? New York has now more serious problems to deal with than delivering your package.Give it another week or two.
All UPS ground shipments come with a tracking number!
I would get in touch with UPS, they should be able to track it. Since you did insure the package there is no need to issue a refund MO as of right now.
Audiobugged, it went USPS per original post, no tracking is available for parcel post, buyers choice of shipping method.

Inna, I'm not upset, the buyer is upset. I am attempting to determine my next step as a good seller should.

Sean, I agree, however as noted in my original post it was shipped insured.

Valleyplastic, Driver and Cyctocycle, thanks for the helpfull advise.
Audiobugged: He stated USPS ( United States Postal Service ), not UPS ( United Parcel Service ).

Bioman: Give it another day or two but stay in contact with the buyer throughout that period of time. There is nothing worse than feeling like your getting shafted AND not hearing from the party that you think has left you hung out to dry.

You might also want to call the USPS that you shipped the parcel from and see what they can do. Sean
Thanks Sean, already did, they said I will have to file to see what became of it. Guess I'll give it a few days and see what happened.

This was the first message I got from him that indicated there was a problem. I responded to give it a day or two.

"Just got back from Europe - no package. How long does this service take?"

This was the message I received the next day

"It is now 9 days since you sent the DAC, which I have yet to receive, and given that you have not responded to my email from a few days ago I am naturally becoming a little concerned as to what is going on. If you fail to respond to this email by tomorrow I will take up the matter with Ebay."

This was really odd, as I had only received one message from him and had responded to it. This next message came I think the same day as the last.

"I just found this email. Forgot the one I sent - I'll contact you at the end of the week."

Guess he cut back on the caffiene.

I can understand he is upset, guess I'll just see what happens.
Some elaboration. I work for a USPS contractor & PP sometimes gets 'if there's room' service, meaning once the higher priced items (rate wise) are loaded to a particular destination, if there's room, they'll load the lesser priced stuff. I've seen periodicals & other 3rd & 4th class stuff sit for a week. My guess is your package got mixed in with some *slow* mail.

To try & calm your buyer, maybe you can scan the ins. receipt & email him a copy. The bar code portion of the receipt is on the package & you can check to see if it has been delivered by doing the following:

A record of delivery is maintained for insured mail by the US Postal Service; however, this information is not available online or via a toll free number. If you would like a copy of your delivery record, please visit your local Post Office and complete PS Form 3811-A. Request for Return Receipt After Mailing. The fee for this service is $3.50
I keep track of delivery times on my shipments. USPS ground takes an average of 10 days and often more.
Wow, that's a long time Smokester. It's amazing how one package can make it almost like it was flown in and hand delivered by a courier and other packages seem to be strapped to a turtle and pointed in the wrong direction.

I once had a package shipped from California on a Saturday arrive at my shop here in Chicago that Monday. This was sent out regular "first class mail". Needless to say, i was shocked that it made it to me that fast as i wasn't expecting to see it for at least several more days. Wonder why they can't do that ( or something close ) on a regular basis ??? Sean
Oops O.K. USPS!!! Well since you gave up the Delivery Confirmation Method for 55 cents? Your Blue Slip for Insurance should still have a barcode tracking number for them to check, or for you to be able to check if it was insured for more than $50.00???
Well its not going real well. I got another really nasty e-mail the other day from my buyer basically accusing me of attempting to rip him off. I sent in reply a copy of the insurance slip and the postal shipping receipt so he can have confidence that I really did ship the item.

I also got annoyed at the nasty tone of yet a second e-mail and basically pointed out that he was being a jerk and not constructive to getting the situation resolved in an equitable manner.

He has given me a deadline of this evening for the post office to deliver his package or return his check.

I need a few opinions. I feel it would be honorable to return the check at this point and just wait the 30 days to file. But I am concerned that the item may arrive via the slow boat to china to his place, and then the gentleman has my DAC and MO, he has only a few feedbacks and one of them is very negative, so I have some concern.

If this is an e-bay transaction, what is the best method of documenting all of this in the unlikely event that he holds my DAC and check?

Also, I imagine he will look for another unit in the meantime, so who should pay return shipping when it arrives at his place? Is it reasonable to spit this cost or should I assume it?
I think your concerns are valid and I would restate the fact that you shipped the item to him per his instructions & note he has to abide by the rules set forth by the PO. He simply has to accept the fact there are time constraints imposed by the USPS.

I would wait the full 30 days (if necessary) then file the claim & find out the exact procedure, specifically, what would happen if you filed the claim & the package was delivered? Could you get it back, would USPS be responsible for it, etc.? Not sure of USPS policy once a claim has been filed, so it's in your best interest to get all the details. I would not let the buyer bully me into making a rash decision & if he threatens a neg. then so be it.

As for documentation, print out copies of all emails & any other correspondence you have with him or anything related to this transaction, including names & #'s of people you talk to at the PO.

As for shipping, if he does receive it & simply wants his money back, I'd do whatever it takes to get my gear back. It's a small price to pay compared to the DAC itself. Hope it works out.
Talk to your local postmaster and see if you can file the claim. The sooner that they are "officially" looking for the package, the better off you'll be. If you did take out insurance on the package, they have to have a signature to drop the package off. It is quite possible that someone already has the package and signed for it. Whether or not you can track down who signed for it and at what location is another matter entirely. Sean
Sean, was that the package I sent? I have had excellent results using USPS from here in CA to quite a number of locations throughout the good old USA.