Need a 4 way electronic crossover

I have a 45 year old Sony electronic crossover (model TA-D88B) which has been great and have owned it since 1978 but am having a problem with it now.  In the event I have to replace it can anyone recommend an excellent electronic crossover?  I've seen the Marchand line but it gets mixed reviews.  I need a 4 way system (sub-woofers, woofers, mid high horns, and tweeters).

Thank you for any advice- I did not know where else to post this so put it under amps/preamps.





I believe this would work.

Supports all standard crossover points and slopes + has built in EQ which is very handy for taming bass modes.

Thank you all for your advice.  I'll look into the CS Port and trying to find a good repair shop.

I had a Marchand crossover and it was an exceptional piece.  Well-built and sounded great.