Nagra streamer in Munich 2024

This is very interesting to me.  Nagra launches a $ 5,000 streamer

I am sure it is terrific.  Folks going to Munich - let us know more.


Nagra Launches The Streamer | The Ear (


That Nagra link on the back of that streamer is the same proprietary PLINK connection from Playback Designs. I have the prior version that will work with the latest PBD DACs. I actually had mine up for sale for $2k but changed my mind and decided to save up for a top end PBD DAC. My PBD Strem-IF will work with Nagra DACs.

PBD has a newer version of my unit for $3k. That new one has PLINK and USB while mine has SPDIF and PLINK. I prefer my connection options.

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The SPDIF sounds amazing into my Benchmark DAC3B. My frame of reference is the Lumin X1 streamer and Sonore OpticalRendu. I had all 3 side-by-side and was shocked that the PBD Stream-IF was hanging with the fibre optical of the other 2. The PLINK should be even better compared to SPDIF.


I am curious about this streamer as well.  It will definitely be best with PLink into Nagra and Playback products.  If you are not explicitly looking for PLink, just a good streamer, the EMM Labs NS1 is quite good and is similar in its pricing at $4500.

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Will be interested to learn more about what it is. Is it “only” a streamer? Or is it also a clock regenerator / buffer / D to D converter, a la its cousin, the Playback Designs streamer. At the price and based on current description, I’m guessing it’s only a streamer.

At a similar price point, the Emm labs NS1 would be an interesting comparison…I found the EMM via AES to be significantly outclassed by the Playback via AES. Of course they’re both at their best via glass fiber into a compatible dac.

To be fair, the Playback is 2x the price. But to be fair on the other side, the Playback was more than 2x as good, in my opinion. Not easy to get that in this hobby.

Back to the Nagra, would like to hear it with the Classic PSU. That’s a $22k combination…although of course the PSU can power one or two other Nagra pieces.