My Worst Nightmare

I came home from giving my girlfriend a lift to work this morning and heard a strange noise from the living room. I ran in to discover water cascading from an on wall "Mr. Slim" indoor air conditioning unit onto my stereo. I naturally freaked, pulled my whole rack to the other side of the room and then surveyed the damage. Not too bad actually. I'm in the midst of an amp trade, and despite bemoaning the lack of an amp the night before, the empty bottom shelf is where most of the water fell. The only casualty if any may be my Chang Lightspeed 3200, which was fairly well doused. But all in all, I got lucky. What's the worst thing that ever happened to your system?
Wow, sorry to hear. Seems you have a good outlook here, make the best from a occurrence.

Worst thing to happen to my system is me...:) That and had one stolen once as a teenager.

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I was carrying my boxed, floorstading speakers to my Blazer. Someone, not me of course, failed to finish taping the bottom of the box. I can still remember the instant I felt the box get really light, really quick. And naturally all the excitement occured while I was standing on pavement. Luckily, Hales was still in business. For $350 they bailed me out.
I came home one night carrying some groceries. In the dark it took a second to realize I was putting the bags down where my TV should be.This was quite a while back, they took my TV, NAD 3020, Thorens turntable, but left my 45lb speakers alone.
Well, if my dog had not been off visiting with my x-girlfriend this would never have happened. She was a sweet German Shepherd that the neigbors kids sometimes sat on like a couch. But if you came to my door and she didnt know you...
Now for the little moral victory that buffered the blow. My TV had just suffered a massive meltdown and was toast. The scumbags had actually taken the tiny B+W TV that sat on my color TV and placed it gently on the couch. They took the large boat anchor that was once my TV, carried it down some stairs and through a wooded lot, and at some effort. Small consolation, but it just made me smile.
In 1989, my Ex's lawyer forcing me to sell the only thing I had left after they finished picking my carcass: my stereo. It wasn't much but it was musical: Magnepan SMGa, Adcom 535, Counterpoint 7.1, Thorens TD160
On Christmas morning a few years back I was playing Christmas music for backround music while opening presents,when we all heard a snap and looked outside to see the Transformer on fire on the telephone pole in front of my house.By the time I realized anything there was smoke coming from my stereo room and lo and behold my Audio Research SP-8 was smoking like a barbeque. It also cooked a few others electronics of my neighbors too...Thank God for Insurance "Riders". I was covered completely and got my purchase price refunded.
"They took the large boat anchor that was once my TV, carried it down some stairs and through a wooded lot, and at some effort. Small consolation, but it just made me smile."

That's so funny. Kind of reminds me when my Eclipse CD player was stolen from my car. I guess they didn't know that once the power supply is cut, it will won't ever turn on again without a "key" CD. It didn't weigh a fifty pounds, though, so your story is way better.
Remember a ways back I was telling you 'bout the Audio Magic line. Maybe this is gods way of getting you to can the Chang and rethink some powerful power conditioning. Glad it was only your Chang. It's time to move up to something (even if you don't go with AM) serious. peace, warren
Cooking all the output devices in a Dynaco Stereo 120 while driving two pairs of A-25's to sublime levels in a pretty big dormitory lounge. The upside: the dynamics in Holst's the Planets will forever hold a special memory.
I might upgrade my power source if I wasn't switching amps every 5 minutes! Good news, new amps arrive today, the Chang seems fine :), and the AC is fixed! I guess there's something to be said for keeping a positive attitude!
Man, would I love to hear your system with some serious power conditioning. Man, would YOU love it! FWIW...peace, warren
My girlfriend played Meat Loaf on my Epos 11s and they never sounded the same. But seriously, sorry to hear about the tragedy. Good luck.
Dude - Couple of weeks ago...I'm parked on the floor in front of my rack with the biasing meter plugged in...girlfriend upstairs taking a shower, and all of a sudden the ceiling starts pissing down on the floor not 2 feet from where I'm sitting, 2 feet in front of my left speaker, and 2 feet the other way from where a spare amp is sitting uncovered...thank goodness the waterworks didn't go on for more than several seconds, with no damage done (to the system that is - the ceiling is another story)...and that we have another shower on the other end of the house... :-)
I went to a some what hearing impared co workers home for a visit , and he turns up his No Name stereo to about 200 past the end of the dial and we spend the next 15 min yelling at each other before I split.
Having been taken by Randy's Stereo Outlet, for the lies, deceit and false representation of equipment he was so called selling. But every dog has his day, when I testified and shut him down forever, now things are handled with the West Virginia Attorney Generals Office. It sure would have been nice to have gotten those Marantz nines I paid for. Randy was one salesperson / con artist.
Always remember to report any or ALL fraud to Audiogon and other reporting authorities. It is against the law and is prosecutable. Make sure the item purchased exists and the use of a third party to finalize the transaction if in doubt. If the wrong item is shipped instead of the purchased item, it becomes a civil matter and harder to prosecute! Use the services of your states Attorney General's office and file with the FBI, interstate fraud is a federal offense. Let's get these people and send them to jail where they belong. Audiogon is more than willing to help out in these matters!
I was living in LA in 1971 and had speakers mounted up higher on the wall, one at each corner of the room. Each speaker weighed in at about 45 lbs and they were achored quite good, so I thought. At about 4am a 5.something quake hit, and, so did one of my speakers ... exactly dead center atop my rack of equipment. Lots of sparks and pretty well totaled tt, preamp, amp, equalizer, quadrophonic converter (remember those?), and a reverberator unit (ugh... remember those?), and of course, the speaker, and, my rack which I had just purchased. Sad day since at age 18 I didn't think I needed renter's insurance.