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Get the newest used Harman Kardon changer you can find. Their website sells factory reconditioned units. She'll love it. 
So, what's your audio resolution for 2012?
Keep it simple stupid. 
Reel to reel repair - is it worth it?
You could get another one to practice on: changing belts, lubing capstans, using contact cleaner. I was a little shy at first about fixing my cassette deck but am now fearless and happy I learned how to keep it going. So don't toss it in the trash... 
what would cause volume to sudden ramp up to full?
A couple of times during thunderstorms while listening to a Forte F44 remote controlled preamp I was in the room while the volume ramped up all the way by itself. I chalked it up to the lightning. Other times I'd return home and mysteriously find ... 
System shutting down due to clipping?
Put some more 4 Ohm speakers on that Yamaha, crank it up and show it who's boss. 
Help Identifying Older Kimber Speaker Cables
My 4TC were four each blue and black, no red anywhere, with no shield. The black mesh you mention reminds me of Kimber Hero but that is quad cable. 
Cable Settling???
When using the Hoover I avoid disturbing the speaker wires. Once disturbed it takes a short while, an hour or two at most, for the system bloom to fully return. 
"Audiophile Jabberwocky"
I'd agree with you Orpheus. Every so often my tape deck will make an absolutely stunning copy, far surpassing the source. My guess is that some signals latch onto the deck just right, but I really can't say why. However it seemed to occur only whe... 
"Audiophile Jabberwocky"
Orpheus, you are correct, amplifiers make larger signal copies of the smaller signals fed to them. But nowhere is an exact copy made.The expression "a copy can never be better than the original" says nothing about copies that are bigger or better ... 
"Audiophile Jabberwocky"
With the exception of recorders, audio equipment doesn't copy anything. It reacts to electrical impulses embedded in the software. I'm not surprised you could make a more euphonic representation of the impulses. Strictly speaking though, your devi... 
will different lengths affect sound
The sound will be most affected if the speaker wires cost more than $1 per foot. 
It's all local now
American Idol, X-Factor, America's Got Talent, Brian Epstein, George Martin. 
Moving to Singapore. Help needed
I used early nineties, switchable Threshold separates while living on 220/240. Inside a compartment in the power amp's rear panel was an ingenious little circuit board that could be inserted four ways. Likewise the preamp's separate power supply h... 
Amp more important than speakers?
Yep, the combinations are endless. Crap in, crap out.The best amp choice advice I ever read came in the owners manual with a pair of new KEF Q-90's. Here's a blurb from the current recommended amp FAQ from KEF's website: As a general rule buy the ... 
What does it take to have a revealing system?
Hearing the drama and nuance that live, acoustic, unamplified musical intruments create can help you identify the distortions that prevent your audio system from sounding like the real thing. Get up close and personal at your local piano bar, bist...