Monitor Audio PL200II

 I am looking for a floor stander with the following characteristics:

1) speaker which is not too tall (under 40 inches tall)
2) ability to sound great at low volumes 
3) can be driven by the new Luxman 509x integrated amp (120 watts @ 8 and 220 watts @ 4)
4) has a large soundstage and good imaging
5) not too much bass but adequate amount of high quality bass
6) can fit into a small to medium sized room (most important issue)

I am thinking that the Monitor Audio PL200II may meet these requirements. Does anyone have any experience with this speaker? Am I on the right path with my requirements being met by the PL200II?

I like the fact that Monitor Audio builds their own drivers and spends money on research and testing. I am trying to find a dealer in Southern California to go and visit to hear these myself.

This speaker I am looking for is going to be 1 of 2 speakers I am going to run in my office. It must be a floor stander and not a stand mount.

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+1 Spendor
I’ve owned the Spendor A5R and it was 32inches high. Outstanding small speaker!
Thanks for the responses. I never knew about Gene Rubin Audio in Ventura. I will check them out for the Harbeth and Spendor at that shop. I had forgotten that my buddy played the D7's for me in a smallish room and it sounded great. More of the full range sound I am looking for in the second speaker set I am seeking.  I will check out the a Harbeth just for the sake of curiosity even if there are no floor standers in that lineup.

I also read the Stereophile review of the Monitor Audio PL300II just after I posted this question and it seems that speaker also works in small rooms. The reviewer actually ended up buying the review set.

The Totem line mentioned above seems like meeting all of the check boxes I have listed from what I have read about them so far. I will have a listen to this line too. 

Once I get this project done. I will post a picture of my setup. I am sure it will draw some laughs, but I think it will work well.
I got a response from a dealer that respresents Monitor Audio in Los Angeles. Unfortunately they do not have a show room but can order them. They responded to my question about room size with the following:

"The ideal room volume for these speakers is from 1100 ~ 3500 cubic feet thus, an average room of 12ft X 12FT or so will do just fine.
OP,The Spendor D7 or ProAc D30RS will be the ticket to your requirements. The Monitors are nice speakers, but pretty polite.
The Totems sound much "bigger" than their size. Even the diminutive floor standing Arro may be "big" enough to meet your need.